Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tortally Jelly Crystal (Pre-mixed)

Ingredients :
1 box of Tortally Jelly (90g)
1 can of Fruits of your choice
500ml of water (I prefer to use juice)

Method :
Drain juice from can fruits.
Distribute fruits (in my picture, I use longan) equally into mould.
Dissolve jelly in a cup (250ml) of hot water.
Stir it and when dissolved, mix in another cup (250ml) of cold water.
Pour into moulds and place in the refrigerator.
Ready to serve in around 15 minutes time.

Tips :
I prefer to use the juice / liquid drained out from the can fruits in replacement of water. It will enhance flavour of the jelly. Just heat up half of the juice so that it can be used to dissolve jelly. The other half will add on later. If the juice is less then 500ml, you may add on water to make it 500ml


Tan Se Ping said...

Hi,,where can i buy it?
I also so like this tortally jelly,
i remember i was so like it when i was kid 20years ago :D


Verytiki said...

Hi Se Ping

Sorry for late reply as many thing happen recently :( Anyway... thanks for visiting my blog :)

You may get it from NTUC Fair Price, Cold Storage, Market Place etc. I got it from NTUC.'s my all time favorite too. It's very very easy to prepare and yummy.


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