Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fresh Soya bean Milk right from my kitchen

Dear Friends.

Something to share with you this new year. I recently found this amazing item that can make Fresh Soya Bean Milk right in your own kitchen. Fascinating isn't it ? Let me share the link with you. It's cheap and easy to handle.

Let's calculate : How much is a pack of soy bean ? How fresh is the milk you are buying from milk stall in hawker center ? have the answer. Hope you enjoy it too. Cheers :)

Here's The Link :

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Daniel Kwok my Bro

Bro this blog post is for you :)

Times really fly fly fly. I get to know you I guess in 2007...haha...sorry not sure. You are working with Play (video rental auto machine) and I'm your MOST VALUED client ^^ . Not knowing how to rent, how to register, how to return disc....but thanks for your kind patient and help. In now time, we became friends, close friends and now...bro+sis.

Do you still recall those wonderful moments :

1) Pushing you from MRT to my office to have lunch. I push you over humps with super trouper high speed that you keep yelling. However, you reach my office in one piece. After fixing my computers and had a wonderful sushi lunch, I dumped you in taxi and send you back. Hey, I'm kind to send you back by taxi cos you might fall from your chair if I gave you a F1 pushing speed.

2) Sending me your girl friend's pictures and asking me for my comments....well, sweet. Nope, not my comments nor opinions but all my Best Wishes and Blessings.

3) Meeting my family in Tiong Bahru Plaza and telling my son how he must be a good boy and treat his parents well. Come on old uncle haha.....but thanks for your kindness.

4) As and when I call you commanding you to send me FOC anti virus programmes, songs, links etc have no choice at all but to oblige. You will just make some noises, and say "wow, you think I owe you ah !!!....You Wang Bah Gao leh...." However, you guai guai also must do for me. Yeah yeah yeah...I know you are kind haha...

5) Treating me like your sis and sharing with me your ups and downs.

Not to mention all the wonderful quality you possessed :

1) Never let your immobility pull you back. You are so positive, helpful, cheerful and loving.

2) Despite your own difficulties, you are still helping orphanages in Cambodia, rescued young girls from selling as sex slaves in Thailand, recommending jobs for handicapper and most importantly being great friend to many others like me.

3) Top staff of the year must go to you for sure. You did a much better jobs then many others that has able body.

Bro, what you have taught me :

1) Always be positive despite of difficulties.
2) Never look down on ourselves nor others.
3) To be responsible and go extra miles.
4) To love and to serve.

Bro, you are great. It's my honor to have you as my friend and my bro. I'll never never forget all those wonderful moments and talks we shared.

Bro, can I still talk to you when I miss you ? can I share your stories with others when need be ? Are you watching over me like what you use to be ? Are you happy and in bliss now ?

Bro, I know the answer is positive. I know you will like to see me happy and strong. I know you will watch over those that you love so much. I know cos you are my bro.

Well....sis will not let you down. I'll not cry cos I know you want me smile. I'll smile cos I know you are in good hand of God. I pray to God to watch over you and to be in eternal Peace.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

B Qssssss

Hi all friends.

Friends who read my last blog must be wondering why my sis-in-law is called BQ1. Do you want the answer ? Haha.....

My nick is Verytiki. Antoher nick of mine is BQ2.

Can you guess now what we meant by BQ ? Nope....not BBQ even though I enjoy BBQ.

Just yesterday, new members have been enrolled to BQ club. This club is strictly for ladies only.

BQ 1 = Sis J
BQ 2 = Verytiki
BQ 3 = Sis W
BQ 4 = my little princess JX

If you guess it correctly, Your IQ = 200, else, IQ = 20 :P
(No offense please. Just joking)

BQ = Beauty Queen

Whoever interested to join the club, you are most welcome. The only condition is :
You Must Be Extremely Beautiful !!!

The benefit of joining is ......... You know that you are Beautiful and Brave (have to be brave enough to admit that you are beautiful.)

Girls....come and include your name under my comments box. Just type BQ5 = Esther, next beautiful friend BQ6 = Rose....etc etc.

Have fun and feel beautiful. Cheers !!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Bro SF

Creative + intelligent + determine = SF Bro (my eldest bro)

Last Sunday 04.04 was my bro's birthday and we plan for a surprise party for his 50th year old bday. He is actually not 50 yet but for some culture believe, we celebrate as 50th. hhaaa.....

The mastermind of the event is my sis-in-law BQ1. Planning has been going on for a month without my bro's single clue.All my in-law's family members and my family including grandma, papa, mama, bros, sis, cousins, niece, nephews etc arrived BQmama's house at 5pm. The hall is nicely decorated with balloons, flags and banner. However, he won't know that the surprise will be that huge. My bro is suppose to arrive around 6pm thinking that his mum-in-law BQmama is preparing some noodles (represent long life) for his birthday and a simple celebration will be within the in-laws. We kept all the shoes in a store room and those with vehicles will park them else where so that my bro is unaware at all about our present.

When Bro SF reached the car park, BQ1 signal us by phone. All of us hide in the rooms with party hats, whistles, party masks, flowers and cameras standing by. Upon his arrival, he is unaware as we are keeping very quiet (so are the little ones...good boys and girls). He opened the first room door (using keys arranged nicely in a box to match the doors) where BQ1's sisters and cousins were. He is delighted but not knowing that a bigger surprise is awaiting.

He proceeded to the second room where all the seniors, bro, sis and kids were. Everyone blew the whistles and shouted out loud "Happy Birthday" !!! He was so shock and overwhelm. My father was the first to receive him at the door with a sweet pinkish and purplish flower wreath presenting it to my bro around his neck.

Everybody left the room with a big hand shake with broSF. After exceeding the room and proceeded to the hall, my bro is requested by all to give a speech. All cameras were on him. You know what, he had mists in his eyes. My brilliant sis-in-law BQ1 announce to all to pay attention to my bro's eyes. Haha......I zoom in to his eyes to take a close up shot. My bro was so so touch so does the rest. Tears of joys flow from broSF, BQ1mama, sisters and papa too. You can feel bliss and love in the air. My bro thanks all for their love and wishes all with health and bless with love.

Sumptuous home cooked vegetarian meals were served in buffet style. Most of us ate 3 rounds each. Thanks to BQmama & BQpapa. What an excellent spread.

After dinner, program continue with two little nieces dancing in ballet. Two beautiful little angels of BQ1 eldest sis win rounds of applause from all. The funniest presentation of all was cousins (boys) wearing masks with my bro's faces printed on it doing cat walk and imitating broSF. They sway around the hall with my bro sitting on VIP seat enjoying the show. The last model is one of the handsome cousin dressed in BroSF's doctor suit with clutch bag imitating the way broSF walk and cough. The mask were super impose with my broSF's face and funny hair style such as hippies, african bob, girly style etc. Wonderful backgound music was played by BQ1's younger bro. He is also one of the event planner. Nice job bro.

The grand finale is the beautiful cake from my 2nd bro SS & sis-in-law ET. The chocolate cake is marvelous and beautifully decorated with fresh fruits and chocolate. Lights were dim and the cake was marched out by cousin. Wishes were made and more pictures and videos were taken.

I told BQ1 that it seems like we are celebrating 21st birthday for broSF. Walking down the memory lane, I still vividly remember how we celebrate for broSF on his 21st birthday. We booked a chalet and had a BBQ and buffet party with karaoke, disco dance and majong game. Many friends turn up and the party was fun. My mum and grandma were excellent cook and the food was unforgettable. We were young then and we were matured now (I do not want to use the word old hehe) but our love is as strong as ever.

I'm so glad and contented that my bro is being loved by so many. I'm sure my mum and my grandma will be very comfort too. As our guiding angels, I'm sure they are there with us in the party laughing and saying "Xiao Lok" (mad kids in teochew) haha..... It is their wish to see us in bliss, our promise to them to be cohesive and proud to say that we did it.

I couldn't sleep that night as I'm so overwhelm by the whole arrangement. I started sending sms to BQ1 telling her how great the party is and how happy I am. BQ1.....great job !!!!! Hey, will you arrange one like that for me when I reach 50 ? No tears please but laughter and fun ok. You have 30 years to plan cos I'm just 20. Take your time. I need a perfect party LOL.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

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Love you.......All My Friends and whoever visits my blog.

May you be bless with joys !!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chinese Rice Wine Chicken – Confinement Food Recipe

Here's a traditional chinese rice wine chicken recipes for lady under confinement period (one month after childbirth). It was passed down from my grandma to my mom to me. Now, I'm sharing with you my dearest sisters. It can be taken not only for confinement ladies. It can be taken for ladies after their periods which will replenish lost energy, reduce unwanted wind and make us super strong Haha...:)

(For normal consumption, amount of rice wine and sesame oil may be reduce by half)

Chinese Rice Wine Chicken :

Ingredients :
One Chicken (cut into small pieces)
Old ginger (slice into thin strips)
Black fungus (Sock 2 hours before cook and slice into thin strips)
sesame oil (sufficient amount to cover the ginger when frying)
1 litter of Chinese Rice Wine
a bit of salt to taste (you may go without it for confinement)

Direction :

1) Fried ginger for a while, add in sesame oil and continue frying till fragrant.

2) Add in black fungal and chicken. Continue frying for about 3 minutes

3) Cover with lid and cook in medium fire for about 20 minutes (chicken is about 70% or 80% cook)

4) Add Chinese rice wine and boil for another 5 minutes

This post is specially for you my sweet sisters C and R. You girls will be blessed with sweet and healthy babiesss....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

When & Why to give Baby First Hair Cut

The first haircut is actually considered as a special milestone that the little one has achieved often varies on his culture and religious. Different countries' babies have different way and some will even accompany by certain ritual and celebrations.

Some babies did their first cut on his first month, some did it when they begins to speak, some had it on his first birthday. It really varies with the tradition of his culture.

Since I'm Chinese, my kids had their first hair cut when they are one month old. I kept a log of his/her hair, tie up with red string and kept it together with his nails and umbilical cord. I placed all of it in a red packet (A red color packet which we use to put money in it and give it to the kids as good wishes during Chinese new year) and slot it beside their baby photo (taken in the hospital on their 1st day to this beautiful world).

The hair cut is done in the morning and celebration follows where all relatives and friends are invited to share our joys and give him their blessings. The father is a good cook and he will prepare a buffet lunch and dinner for all our guests to enjoy. We call this celebration 'Man Yue' which means full month.

Most of my friends did not shave the hair of their babies but some did. Anyway it's your own preference. Some believe that by shaving the hair, you are removing the hair that is growing since they are in their mummy's womb and their hair will become thicker. Well, I didn't do that cos I do not like 'botak' baby hehe....

For friends out there who miss the first hair cut on baby's first month, just do it on a meaningful day. It's the thought that counts.

Cheers to all babies !!!
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