Monday, September 1, 2008

Tiong Bahru Park

Ring Ring……my phone rang on a relaxing Friday night. It’s my dear nephew Xian Wen requesting for my permission to stay over at my place with his sister Xian Hui. Of course they are always welcome to enjoy their weekend with Supercute, Black Ninja and Princess as they had just completed their CA term examinations.

All the boys are having fun with computer games and the girls were playing imagination slide by stacking up pillows and resting a mattress on it to form a tilting slide. They are all having a wonderful fun time and seem to me that they were not going to sleep for the entire night. To encourage them to have an early rest, I proposed to have morning exercise on the following day in Tiong Bahru Park. They agreed to wake up at 6.30am and went to bed immediately.

Tiong Bahru Park had been around for as long as I can remember. I used to have morning walk on Saturday morning with my parents and brothers as early as 6.30am. After the walk, we would proceed to a small stall selling half boiled eggs, toasts and coffee on a little hill in the park. Those were the days…..the happy days. The small stall was no longer there and replaced by a pyramid like stage in activity area. The pyramid is for instructors to play music and show visitors how to do their exercises.

Today, it is face-lifted by introducing Gan Eng Seng Secondary with a nice soccer field, good route for jogging, fitness corner, large open fields, central playground, sandpit and activity area where you can find many early birds gathering early in the morning (6.30am) doing aerobic dance, line dance, Qi Gong, Sword Art, etc. You can find people of different age range doing exercise and jogging. Girls, if you want to see muscular men, go to the fitness corners hahahaa…….Old Aunties, if you want to see handsome uncles, go to the activity area.. haaaaa…..Oops…sorry. It’s just a joke.

TB Park is very near to Tionh Bahru Plaza. It’s at the corner of Lower Delta Road, Henderson road near Tiong Bahru Road. There’s a small car park in the park. However, you can rarely find cars parking there cos most of the people walk there. Here’s the full detail location of TB Park : Tiong Bahru Park

As for the Scenery and Surroundings, you can find many Palm trees providing shades for the visitors. Shelters are distributed evenly and ample sitting benches can be found. I love seeing senior uncles and aunties sitting around on the benches chatting happily. That’s how life should be isn’t it ?

Why go to a gym when you have TB Park ? Their fitness corner is simple but good. You can do your warm up and stretching before your jogs. You can find foot massage stone walkers too. I have a friend who is wheelchair born. He told me that TP Park’s toilet is wheelchair accessible. How wonderful.

I personally love the serenity of the pond with wooden bridge and exotic plants along the pond. I found some berry trees in the park near the pond. I do not know if they are edible but the flowers and berries are beautiful.
Not to worry about your post exercise meal. There are many easy accessible eating places like Tiong Bahru Plaza, Tiong Bahru Market, Red Hill Market, Bukit Ho Swee Market etc. All within walking distance.
My niece, nephew and kids had a great time playing swing, spinning wheels, sliding, swinging, climbing in the wooden fun train in sandpit central playground. There after, we proceed to Mcdonald for breakfast in Tiong Bahru Plaza to conclude the morning fun.

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