Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

Warmest Wishes from Tiki & Family !!!

健康,平安,幸福,快乐 !!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to All

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

NAP Alumni Club XMas Party 2008

Ho Ho Ho ~~ !!! Merry Christmas !!!

Merry Christmas to all my friends especially my lovely sisters and brothers who share and cherish a long 17 years of friendships since the day we graduated from NAP. Time flies but our friendships grew stronger each and every year. It's hard to maintain friendships with such length and I'm or rather we are so blessed to have each other through thick and thin.

Very thankful to LH for organising this annual Xmas gathering dinner held in Orient Ocean Restaurant (3rd Floor - Hotel Miramar). It serves Cantonese Buffet Dinner with 50 Dishes to choose from. You may order and eat as much as you can from the menu and they serve it hot. The price is very reasonable (S$22.80++/adult and kids from 3 - 11 yrs old is half price). It is spacious and a perfect spot for group like ours who always make so much noises chatting, laughing, exchanging gifts and taking pics. I was told that their buffet lunch dim sum is cheap and nice. Perhaps I'll give it a try one of these days.

We used to chat about our jobs, the latest accounting issues, updating new family members (the juniors who will take over our NAP Alumni Club one fine day)and exchanging knowledge. This year....hmm.....we talk about something we have never go into detail before.....HEALTH.

Hey....are we getting too old ? OMG....are we talking about HEALTH ? Talking about Ling Zhi ? Talking about Yoga ? Talking about Exercise ? Talking about Diet ? OMG........ I AM / WE ARE NOT THAT OLD OK !!!!! We are all Sweet 16. Haaa.....Hey girls, I know you will say health is important. are right. We will all live healthy and happy till 100 years old :P

The night is warm with love and laughter. The juniors too enjoy their night. These young lady and gentlemen are so handsome, pretty and polite. How I wish I can turn back the clock and be 6 instead of 16.

Towards the end of the night, we are all set for gift exchange. However, there are still food left over but we are already filled to our throats. The lady in uniform keep reminding us not to waste food. We ended up distributing all the food and trying to stuff as much as we could. As evil as usual, I cut one of the yam ball into small pieces and soak it into my soup. Sorry, I really can't finish else I'll puke. Shhhh......please keep it a secret ;)

My dear Sis and Bro, thanks for being my friends. May the spirit of Christmas be with you and your family always!

(P.S. This is my 90th blog post. What a coincident cos "9" symbolize "Long". May our friendships be everlasting - 长长久久)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

DIY Greentea Moisturizing Mask (绿茶滋润面膜)

Green tea is tea undergoing minimal oxidation during process. It is originated from China and becomes very popular in Asia, Japan, Korea and Middle East. Regular green tea drinkers may have lower chances of heart disease, cancer, balance cholesterol lever and maintain weight.

There are my type of green tea you may choose that suits your taste buds. There are Longjing (龙井) , Bi Luo Chun (碧螺春), Xiang Pian – jasmine tea (香片), Genmaicha – brown-rice tea (玄米茶) etc.

Ingredients –
4g Green tea powder
3 tsp Honey
3 tbsp Oatmeal

Directions –
1) Blend Oatmeal into smaller, preferably powdery form. Pour it into a bowl.
2) Add honey and green tea powder into the oak meal.
4) Stir and mix well.

Applications –
1) Cleanse your face thoroughly.
2) Spread the mask evenly on your face.
3) Leave it for 15 – 20 minutes.
4) Wipe it off with a clean wet cloth or wet tissue.
5) Rinse your face with water and tap dry.

Skin Type –
Suitable for most skin type. Good for face with open pores, rough complexion and Oily face.

Frequency of use –
2 to 3 times per week.

Properties –
Green tea is rich in Vitamin C but unlike most fruit, it is not acidic. It is a very good ingredient for DIY mask for its detoxification and gentle for sensitive skin. Green tea powder with the content of tannin (单宁酸) will gently lighten dark complexion leaving the skin bright and light.
Oatmeal has very good property in removing dead cells.

Honey contains several vitamins and minerals with several compounds to function as antioxidants. Not only it has moisturizing effect, it also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

With the combination of all these three characteristic, it enhance in whitening, moisturizing, tightening skin, balancing oil and gentle on sensitive skin.

Tips –
1) If you are running out of time or in a hurry, you may use instant oatmeal and forget about blending the oak meal into smaller piece. Instant oak meal is already pre-cooked, so you can skip the blending. You need to mix well and let it soften for a while before you apply.
2) Cover your mixture with stretch film and place it in fridge for 20 minutes and you will have a very cooling cold mask. I prefer cold mask as it always makes me feel sleepy haha…
3) It’s good to use the mask immediately after you mixe. Use the excess on your neck, hands or legs. Use it when it’s fresh.
4) If you really need to keep it for later date, keep it in air tight and sterile glass container and place it in fridge.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Calla Lily

Calla Lily is with us for exactly one month and today it's her birthday.

Happy Birthday Calla Lily !!!

It's just a blink of eye and she is already with us for one month. Still remember before her arrival, I pray to Swami (Sathia Sai Baba) to send somebody to me who loves my family knowing that he always heard what I say like a mother always know what and when her kids are in need.

All begins with love and that is the utmost important. Calla Lily, thanks for loving my family.

Today is your birthday but we can't afford to buy you buffet dinner in great restaurant, beautiful dress nor Breadtalk or Sweetsecret Cake. We have to budget our spending for the forthcoming expenses and downturn of economy.

Instead, we prepare for her a fun Singapore version of JellyBean hot dog buffet, Homemade Blueberry Apricot Passion Cake, small little gifts from all of us and a great Mahjong game. We are glad that she enjoy the night and she told us that it is the first time that she is having a cake for her birthday.

Blackninja and Supercute gave her chips as present and ET had a great laugh. However, it's the thought that count. I'm so glad that my kids are so wonderful.

Happy Birthday Calla Lily and many more to come !!!!

Mahjong, Laksa, EPL, snacks and Baby Sitting

It was a wonderful and fun filled Saturday we had enjoyed. Here's the event of the night :

My mom-in-law requested for a Mahjong game. However, we are unable to find enough players. We need four to start the game but there's only 3 of us (MIL, ET, Verytiki). ET suggested that we should train the younger generation. Yes, a good idea to train their maths and behaviours. Calculations, observations, self-control, politeness, considerations, composures, alertness etc are required for the game. We are not playing for money so it's not gambling. We are just playing for the fun of it and make our mind work better.

It's first time Supercute and Black Ninja playing this game. They learn fast. So does Calla Lily. We ended up more then enough players and we need to take turns to play. Haha...

We took many pictures of the game. Winners will have the honour of taking pics with his/her tiles. The ultimate winners are the kids :P

ET is the chef of the night and Calla Lily is the Assistant Chef. It's the first time Calla Lily trying this dish and she just fall in love with it. She is chilli queen indeed.

It's the routine activities after dinner to watch EPL. However, it ended up only Riffle watching. The know.....too busy playing Mahjong.

Snacks :

Delicious pastries were bought by Pebbles. I place the plate of pastries among the mahjong tiles and see what I've taken. I cought somebody red handed trying to steal one of it. Guess who is he/she........yeah yeah....who else.....the little Princess.

Baby Sitting :
Guess who is the one baby sitting the little Princess ? Hahaha......Nice job Riffle.

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