Friday, September 19, 2008

Queenscup Volleyball Tournament 2008

My son Supercute is a great volleyball player. He has been selected as first 6 of school team.

Day after day he undergone hush trainings and he was all ready for the major match against Queenstown Secondary School for The Queenscup Volleyball Tournament. His division had made his school proud by bringing back a silver medal. His division lost the 1st set 16-25 and won the 2nd set 25-22with him scoring the ace for the win on 2nd set. They lost eventually on the 3rd set and was awarded silver.

We were all eagerly waiting at the doorstep for his arrival home. Sunny gong gong came over and ET bought a wide spread of food for celebration. We were all delighted and started snatching the trophy.

Supercute is very happy too for his achievement. However, the sad thing is that his coach Mr Koh has better offer and will be leaving the school to work for a private establishment. He announce the news to the players and they were all filled with sorrows. The kids love him dearly as he is a fantastic coach. All girl players were broken into tears. However, Mr Koh will select a new replacement himself and I trust that he will get a coach as responsible and experience as him.

All the best to you Mr Koh for your future undertakings. Do keep in touch with the kids. They are going to miss you deeply. Supercute promises that he will definitely work harder and train better to make you proud. He promises too not to put your effort into waste. I never see him so committed before. Thank you Mr Koh. You are the best leader.

Supercute. You have made us very proud. Your trophy has added to our existing collection and I’m sure you will excel in near future.



Hi Tiki! I was very moved upon reading your post. Supercute has improved by leaps and bounds, not only in his volleyball skills but also in his development as a young man with a very bright future. May he continue to excel and to do the best that he can. Do not worry about the rest.

Anonymous said...

Thanks dear for the encouragements. Thanks for walking with the dinasours (the tiki species) through thick and thin.

Recalling the old days while he was in P1 and he did so badly for his English etc. Remembering the time when you need to teach him English everyweek and UR's numerous conversations with him encouraging him to excel....and see how he sparkles now.

A thank you is simply not enough to express our appreciation. So, I will not say Thank You. Hehe...It's a MUST anyway mah corlect .... (Does this sounds like any of your colleague ? "Ying Gai De !!!")

Verytiki + The Tikis

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