Friday, September 5, 2008

Marina Square & Tan Kim Seng (陈金声) Fountain

It’s end of the week and it’s time to pamper myself and my family. ET proposed a night out in search of good food. We had chosen Marina Square.

We parked our vehicle near Padang so that we can enjoy a slow walk and introduce my kids to Tan Kim Seng(陈金声) Fountain near Esplanade Park. The fountain was built to commemorate Mr. Tan Kim Seng’s contribution toward Singapore’s first public waterworks. I had been there almost every Saturday with my family when I was a kid, as small as my princess daughter now. We would visit Satay Club near by for the fantastic satay and chandol/ice kachang dessert, play catching around the fountain and hide and seek in the World War Two monument near by.

After a short history briefing, we headed to Marina Square. On the way there, we passed by an underpass which link to MRT station. There are so many young people dancing and playing skating. They dance so well that we almost wanted to join them. We drop the idea as we are very hungry.

We proceeded to Marina Food Loft on 4th flour. It is a well designed food court that holds a perfect mix of international food stalls. It has stalls selling local dishes, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Hong Kong, Western cuisine at reasonable prices. You may choose to enjoy your food in air-condition or waterfront seats. We had chosen the open-air tables where we can enjoy a panoramic view of Esplanade waterfront with soft pipe music. We ordered our favorite food. There’s Korean Hot Plate Chicken for me, Dim Sum for ET, Korean Grill Fish for Jojo, Japanese Bento for Black Ninja, Japaness Tempura Bento for Supercute, Satay, Sotong with nice Juices and Tea to go along with. The chicken satay and sotong are thumbs up. The food were so marvelous that we ended up digging into each other’s plate. For a moment, we thought we were on vacation in Spain as it is playing Spanish Instrumental music while we were enjoying our food. It’s our best food court experience we ever have.

After the sumptuous food, we started gallivanting around the square. ET enjoyed updated himself with latest sound systems where my kids, Jo and I were stuck in the children’s corner. We ended up playing swing and slide together with our princess. We had great fun.

The night was ending and we are tired else we can continue with karaoke in KBox, bowling in SuperBowl or night movies in Golden Village. Next time perhaps.

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Look at the delicious food! My mouth is watering.

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