Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Saturday…The Feasting Day

Saturday is a day I look forward to as I’ll be meeting Gong gong, Uncle R and Auntie Pebble :P to enjoy lots of laughter, chatting and Makan makan. All of us love desserts with good coffee. We had steam boat last Saturday for dinner and Roselle drink to aid our digestion. Recipe and in formations on Roselle Flowers/Fruit will be published soon in my blog.

After dinner, ET and UR decided to go for a stroll in search of desserts. They bought Dao Suan, Ice Jelly with cocktail fruits and Cheng Tng. My son said he must eat Dao Suan as his classmates give him a nick name Dao Suan. So, I took a pic of him “Dao Suan” eating “Dao Suan”.

I bake Apple Pie in the afternoon eagerly waiting to share with UR, AP and GG. That’s my first try of a new recipe given to me by a friend. I did some research on Internet trying to improve and make it my version of Verytiki Apple Pie. I’ll put up the recipe soon in my blog under “Recipe Cake”. Check it out then.

Coincidentally TS bought a box of apple pies too. Too bad, if TS and I didn’t fall asleep, we will have our apple pie as supper. I had them in the next morning as breakfast instead. Guess who’s apple pie taste better ??????......Verytiki Apple Pie lah !!!!!! Still need to ask de meh ?????

Don't complain that I'm boastful. I'm just very me....VeryTIKI ;p

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