Monday, September 15, 2008

Nuffnang Free Movie Ticket - Babylon A.D.

Many thanks to my beautiful niece Charlene for introducing me to Nuffnang. I've been in Adsense programme for sometime but she told me last night that Nuffnang (an advertising programme where bloggers can generate income when their visitors visit their blog-CPM or view the advertisement on their blog-CPC) is generating steady pocket money for her in S$. Hm......$$$$.....I love $$$$$....Hahaha....

I gave it a try today and managed to joint the scheme. To my surprise, they have many interesting events and contest that I can join. Currently they have collaborate with 20th Century Fox movies to give away movie tickets of Babylon A.D. Ofcourse, I'll not miss the oppotunity.

I'm always interested in reading/watching sci-fi story and movie since the age of 4. I'll not give this show a miss for sure.

Friends, wish me good luck to win the tickets. If you do not wish me it's ok, just buy me the movie ticket !!!! Wahaha......Cheers.

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