Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mooncake Festivals Eve 2008

Supercute, Princess and Roselle stayed over in Sunny Gong Gong’s house last night and had a wonderful lunch and cycling session today in East Coast. They returned as 3 red cooked lobsters.

It’s eve of mooncake festival and we had a pre-holiday party with my best kaki Pebbles and UR. We had steamboat dinner with oyster egg omelettes and steam crabs. Pebbles bought delicious Indian rojak. The spicy gravy is simply heaven when dip with fresh onions. The oysters were marvelous and the crabs were sweet. Roselle, ET and I are oyster lover. I’m already dreaming of going for oyster buffet……drooling drooling…..

UR came later part of the evening for he needs to work. I did propose him to take mc as there’s early kickoff of Manchester United vs Liverpool soccer match. Luckily he didn’t listen to my evil advice cos the match turns out to be a disappointment.

Our devils scored first goal and ET was cheering with excitements. However, Wes Brown give present to Liver Pool with own goal. Sigh…..without Roselle’s darling Ronaldo, MU seems straggling. Weak mid-field and bad luck (it’s 13th…..13 is unlucky number), MU loose the game.

Anyway, we cheered ourselves up Pebble’s mini-pastries bought from Four Leaves Bakery, Maria’s Homemade Jelly Mooncakes and Coffee Latte. With our overfed chubby bodies, we proceeded to the room for The Mummy movie starring Michelle Yeoh, Jet Li and Brendan Fraser. It’s more like kiddy show and big kids like us enjoy it.

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