Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fruity Prawn Salad

Ingredient :
One Canned of Mixed Cocktail Fruit
250g of Fresh Prawn
Coleslaw (I prefer Kraft Coleslaw)

Cook prawn, deshell and halved it. Drain syrup off the canned cocktail fruit. Place cocktail fruit into a nice plate and lay the prawns nicely on the fruit. Chill them in the fridge till ready to serve.
Upon arrival of your hungry guests, squeeze coleslaw on the salad and serve them with pride. You may light a candle and place it on the salad, dance or march your way to the dinning table ;-)
There’s no secret to this recipe. Just Serve Cold.



Hi Tiki! The recipe looks easy! A quick question - how do you cook the prawns?

Verytiki said...

I'm a auntie that always like to do things in a easy way. Not cutting corners but doing things efficiently. Don't puke please !!!

Put them in boiling water till the prawn change to light orange colour. Do not over cook.

Alternatively, do the verytiki way......while cooking soup, just throw the prawns in. Scoop up when it's ready. Talaaahhh.....You can have 2 dishes at one go.

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