Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mid Autumn Festivals 2008 with Verytiki Family

Takes me a while to complete my part 2 of Mid Autumn Festival XOXO….Here’s the story :

After setting up prayer’s table for the night and had our Wan Tan Mee as dinner, we proceeded to my dad’s place for the Lantern Parade. Everybody is ready for the parade. Click click click….photo taking session again for me, my cute niece Xian Huey and my 1st bro “Fong”. I didn’t know that photo taking is our family’s gene.

The kids have grown up so fast and they are not so keen in carrying lanterns but playing with fire. The have great fun playing with fireworks as well as burning dry leaves, sticks and paper lanterns. My poor eldest sister-in-law Tong Tong ended up carrying all the lanterns and bags for the kids. My 3rd sis-in-law Kathy's job is to make sure all the lanterns are lighted up.

The night had to end early as my niece Charlene is having her exams so does Supercute. We headed home for our prayers. Click click click …..again. Pictures were taken.

Supercute and Black Ninja wanted to make the night special by arranging a mysterious gift in the balcony. They forbided all the adults to enter the balcony. After 20 minutes, we were allowed to enter. What a great surprise. They arranged a big heart shape on the floor using tea candles. It’s really beautiful and so romantic. Boys, you did it again. You make us proud with your brilliant creativity.

We ate the yogurt mooncake before we call it a night. I like to try exquisite mooncakes besides the traditional ones. The mooncakes are special mooncakes – yogurt flavour, lemon greentea, sesame, lotus, jelly, yam and curry. Not to worry Pebbles, We had reserve all except the yogurt for you and UR. We shall continue the feast on Saturday.

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