Saturday, September 27, 2008

Barley Water

Ingredients :
300g Barley Pearls
300g Rock Sugar
3 liters Water
5 Pandan Leaves

Method :
1) Wash barley pearls (don’t need to sock)
2) Tear vertically from the center of the pandan leaves into three or four smaller strips so that the fragrant will emerge better while boiling.
3) Place water and pandan leaves into a pot and bring to boil.
4) Add barley pearls and simmer till barley pearls are soft.
5) Add rock sugar and boil till sugar dissolves
6) Serve warm or cold.

Tips :
1) Barley water is cooling. It’s also very good for kids who loves to eat heaty staff.
2) Do not over cook barley water as it will change it’s property to become heaty instead. (Many drink sellers tends to overcook barley water as it gives a thicker and stronger taste.)
3) People who’s body is cold in nature, drink barley warm.

P.S. My cute and handsome son is the assistant cheif and camera man :P

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