Thursday, September 18, 2008

北京残奥运会08闭幕典礼 Bei Jing Paralympic 08 Closing Ceremony

One World One Dream…..The curtain of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games dropped yesterday (17.09.2008) and the idea of One World One Dream is still touching many of our heart. It was a perfect ending to both Olympic and Paralympic Games with credit to artistic directors Zhang Yimou, Zhang Jigang and many volunteers.

Olympic Games Opening Ceremony showcased a prosperous China and Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony presented the respect that Chinese people hold for life and their reverence for the harmonious relationship between heaven, earth and human beings. From the painting in Olympic Opening Ceremony which incorporated both ancient and modern elements to the letter sending by audience and atheletes to the future in the Paralympic Closing Ceremony, this interactive characteristic was carried out at a level never seen before in previous Games. China has all the talents, love, foresight and culture that makes us all truly proud.

For all the unforgettable moments and strength the athletes displayed during the games, for all the supports from their family and friends, for those voluntarily supported the events, you have my utmost respect.

The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games successfully concluded with an ideal ending:
A letter that carries the dream of the entire human race into a bright future.
The dream lives on though the flame fades.

(Would like to thanks Alder for forwarding the pics for the events.)

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