Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunny Golf House Warming

Ringgggggggg…..Phone range on Friday night for invitation to Sunny Golg’s place on Saturday evening for house warming. He has shifted in since December last year and we had done our mini housewarming a few times there. Haha…this time, his sisters requested for a grand housewarming and it’s set on Saturday evening (27.09.08).

Sunny Golf is like a younger brother to my mum. He is like a father to me even though he is not that old. How he played and teased my kids makes me recall how he tickled and swing me around when I was as young as my little Princess. His family and my family met every week to have good food, watch soccer (his younger bro is Singapore National Soccer Team Player), ride roller coaster, watched drive-in-movies, traveling, playing catching with his younger brothers, nieces and nephew etc etc. Time really flies. All of us ended up in different places, experiencing different lives and slowly drifted apart. I’m eagerly anticipating the meeting with all of them again.

When time approaches, we drove to pick up otah from a otahman who is supplying Muar otah for clubs in Singapore. It cost S$1.20 per piece. Sorry Otahman, your otah is not as good as mine :P
After picking up the otah, we drove by F1 circuit hoping to have a gleams of some of my favorite cars and hear the roaring noise . However, the night was still young and race had not commenced.

We reach Sunny Golf’s place on time and I recognized all his sisters, brothers, in-laws, nieces and nephews. However, the nieces and nephews couldn’t recognize me. It’s not that I’m too old ok. They just have poor memory and I have a better one that’s all. Haaa…..Sorry, no hard feelings Sunny’s family….I know you wouldn’t mind cos you guys know me too well…..I’m VeryTiki remember.

Great food was prepared by Sunny Golf’s sister and nice fruit pie was served on top of dumplings, curry chicken, mixed vegetables, otah, poh piah, spice roll, grass jelly and bobo chacha. Sunny’s family grown up in Malay Kampong in Singapore. Their culinary skills are greatly influenced by Malay style. However, they have reduced the chili for guests that cannot take spicy food. They are all born chili queens and kings.

We complete our duty in consuming as much food as we are able to, tapao food back, rob Swiss rolls that Pebbles & Riffle bought for Sunny and headed for our second program. Sorry Sunny. I’m guilty of not helping you to clean up the place. I’m sure you won’t mind. It’s not my fault. It’s Pebble’s fault. WAHHAAAAA………Hmm…..anyway, she is used to being blame for nothing. One tiny additional blame is nothing to her.

Riffle’s Swiss Roll is fantastic. Soft from the outside, creamy and rich inside. I love the coffee, mango, berries and durian. It’s long I have not tasted a cake with good coffee butter cream and I’m thankful for Pebble granting my wish.

We continued with our MU v Bolton match and F1 qualifying match. We ended up turning on two TVs with two programs so that we could walk around and watch both. MU made us proud this round. Ronaldo, you are so handsome. Hehee…..

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