Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Facebook Games - Restaurant City, Pet Society & Farm Town

Lately I'm or rather we (friends and my kids) are crazy about facebook games. I've been using facebook sending greetings to friends but recently my friends introduce new games (RC, PS and Farm) and all of a sudden we are competing with each other in the games.

Restaurant City -
We have to answer daily quize about food, how we should set the tables and chairs to be efficient, how to get awards, how to level up, how to save and spend money we earn etc etc.

Pet Society -
Hug pet friends to gain coins and experience, run in stadium, buy items to decorate food, buy food to feed pet, play with pet, exercise our pet and how to make our pet poo etc.

Farm Town -
Learn how to Plow the farm, buy seeds, grow plants, keep farm animals, plant trees. We need to harvest, pow, seed, arrange the farm, save money and expand the farm etc.

After trying out the games, I find it so interesting and it might be a good idea to introduce it to my kids as it trains them with some simple strategies of saving money, spending money wisely, be patient when faceing obsticles etc. Ofcourse I will have to limit their playing time before they get addicted.

Now, my kids and friends are enjoying the games and challenging each other. It gives me something in common to chat with my kids. There's this time when the game is under maintenance and my son supercute gets furious with it cos I can play my Restaurant City while he can't play his pet society. I encourage him to write blog but it seems that he feels very unfair cos I got to play, he can't, I ask him not to keep trying (cos no point trying when it's under maintenance) and he think I'm being contridicting (ask him not to play and I'm playing). Well, it gives us a chance to debate haha....

Have fun kids and friends but just dont get addicted !!!

P.S. My dear friend R played till 4am one night just to avoid me leveling up above her. Hahah....that's what I call addicting. Stop playing that way okay. It's just a game.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday SPrincess

Happy Birthday little princess S !!!
My dearest son Black Ninja has been planning with his classmates to have a little party and outing to celebrate his classmate Princess S's birthday. They will be having good food in Jack's place follow by a good movie and games.

Initially I thought it's an April Fool's prank cos the birthday is on 1st April. Well, it's indeed a bday. A chocolate cake is specially done for her and I do hope they enjoy and have lots of fun.



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