Sunday, October 19, 2008

Greentea Wolfberry Agar-Agar Recipe (寧夏枸杞)

Wolfberry also known as snowberry is currently grow in many regions and China is having commercial cultivation for its great demand especially Asia market. What we consume is the fruits which have a vibrant orange red colour with many tiny seeds in it.

It has been playing important role in TMC (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for it’s medical effect of enhancing immune system, improve eyesight, protect liver, boost sperm production, improve circulation, enrich ‘yin’ energy, act on liver, lungs and kidneys.

Wolfberry Flower

They can be eaten raw like raisins. Just rinse with warm water and eat it. My kids love eating them as titbits. They can be added into black chicken soup, ginseng soup, herbal soup and brewed into an herbal tea. Just pick up a handful of wolfberry and add them to your soup and tea. It gives a sweet taste and you can consider having your tea without sugar. I like to add a generous tablespoon of wolfberry to my chrysanthemum tea.

Green tea is tea undergoing minimal oxidation during process. It is originated from China and becomes very popular in Asia, Japan, Korea and Middle East. Regular green tea drinkers may have lower chances of heart disease, cancer, balance cholesterol lever and maintain weight.
There are my type of green tea you may choose that suits your taste buds. There are Longjing (龙井) , Bi Luo Chun (碧螺春), Xiang Pian – jasmine tea (香片), Genmaicha – brown-rice tea (玄米茶) etc.

Here’s a recipe I make it up with my son Supercute which combine the benefit of Wolfberry and Green Tea. You can try making different type of Agar using different type of Green Tea. This dessert is good especially when the weather is hot or you have just consume heavy food as it is very refreshing and a perfect thirst quencher on a hot day.

Sharing with you a recipe that my family like and it's very refreshing :

Ingredients – (Serving for 5 persons)

650ml hot water (70 degree C)
Abt 10g Green Tea of your choice
1 sachet of Agar Agar powder (White) – 12g
250g of sugar
half cup of wolfberry

Directions –

1) Place green tea leaves in a bowl and pour in hot water (70 degree c). Let it steep for 1 - 2 minutes. Steep further if you prefer very strong aroma.
2) Drain the tea to another pot and keep the tea leaves (I chill the tea leaves and use them as eyes mask at night :P).
3) Add the sachet of Agar Agar powder and sugar into the tea, stir and bring to poil over low heat.
4) Put wolfberries into the mould and pour the agar agar liquid into it.
5) Allow to cool.

Tips –

1) Place wolfberry into the mould first then pour the liquid agar gently into the mould. Some of the berries will float and the rest will remain at the bottom.
2) As I’m having a round mould, I push the floating berries toward the edge and center of the mould to form a lovely ring.
3) Be adventurous. Try different flavour of tea. It’s always full of surprises.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tiki, where can I buy the agar-agar mould?


Verytiki said...

This mould is given to me by my mother. I heard from my boss that in M'sia there's a very big shop selling bakery stuff. If I go there I'll look for you.

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