Monday, September 29, 2008

F1 Singapore – First Night Race in the World

Brief Introduction :

F1 is the most advance and most expensive car motor sports (IMO). The cars are open wheel racing cars. All the cars almost look the same but they are not when you look closer. Different teams are completely different. Try to notice the nose of the car (some are high, some are medium and some are low), the front and rear wings, side pods etc. The different in designs are mainly because of aerodynamics. The other difference is the different brand of engines used.

It’s a game to me and my kids to spot the differences between teams and notice the improvement of designs & engines with the same team.

Unlike with other racing cars like CART or Champ car racing, F1 doesn’t have turbo chargers. They rely on pure Naturally Aspirated (NA) engines. They have to maximize their technology to achieve higher horsepower every year.

3 Qualifying rounds will take place before actual GP (Grand Prix). Driver with the shortest time around the race track will be on the pole (first car), second faster will be next diagonally behind the first car on the pole and so on.

F1 and the Tikis :

F1 was introduced to me years back by my friend Alderman from Philippines. He is F1 fan and thought me some basic knowledge and rules of F1. Thanks Explorer for your patient and knowledge. From the day you introduce me the sport, I enjoy it till day.

Guess which team I support ? Well, years back, I supported McLarren (because Kimi Raikkonan is so cool….Iceman indeed), my eldest son likes Williams BMW (because Montoya is skillful and Ralf Schumacker is fast) and my youngest support Ferrari (because Michael Schumacker – Ralf Schumaker’s brother is a legend).

Years passed, drivers joint different team , car changed, engines improved. The legendary Michael Schumaker had retired as F1 driver, Montoya left too, Kimmy join Ferrari so does Massa. Lewis Hamilton is with Mclarren, Fernando Alonso is with Renault, Nico Rosberg in Williams etc. They are all the raising stars of F1.

So, for my idol Kimi, now we all supported FERRARI !!!!!

Singapore – The World FIRST F1 Night Race :

Prince of the night - Fernando Alonso (Renault)
(Nico Rosberg-Williams comes in second and championship leader Lewis Hamilton-McLaren third)

Bernie Ecclestone described the Singapore race as Jewel in the F1 crown.

McLaren boss Ron Dennis said that the night race is not just a new experience but a big step in the history of grand prix racing.

Singapore has proven every success and our model can be apply to anywhere in the world. Plans to turn the Japanese GP into a night race is the next the world will be keen to look at.

More then 300,000 people poured in over the three days, lightings are fascinating, hawker stalls offering authentical Singapore food, jugglers, magicians and singers entertain the masses, F1 cars howl through the modern as well as historical buildings, all details are being observed.

The race was a new experience for every driver on a street circuit under powerful spotlights and it turned out to be one of the most exciting of the season. Teams, visitors, journalist, drivers……all had given us a big thumbs up.

The Unlucky Ones :

It’s painful and miserable to see Ferrari’s Massa started from pole and Kimi third but were both met with disastrous mistake which cost them the race and valuable points.

Massa was in 13th place finish which means he is 7 points behind Hamilton with just another 3 GP left (Japan, China and Brazil). He was in the pit on lap 15 but was given the green light to drove off too early with fuel hose still attached to his car. One of the pit crew was floored and carted off in a neck brace. Massa had to sit in his car at the end of the pit lane and wait for his crew to ran and pull out the hose. Chances for him to win was ruined by giving a drive through penalty and he could only rejoined in 18th place.

Kimi rammed his car into the barriers with just 4 labs left.

Nelson Piquet (Renault) was rammed into a wall causing massive damage to his car. Fortunately he managed to climbed out unscathed but safety car was deployed.

David Coulthard was also drove off with fuel pipe attached and knocked over a mechanic who was subsequently stretched off.

Adrian Sutil slammed his Force India into the wall bringing the safety car out again. It happened just after Massa left the same wall, else he would have slammed right onto Massa’s car.

The Aftermath –

This morning my colleague knowing that I’m supporting Ferrari, kept telling me how stupid the Ferrari drivers are and how lousy the Ferrari Team is whenever he saw me.

I’m furious of course. I asked him to “SHUT UP, DIAM DIAM” !!! However, he still kept criticizing continuously and laughing hilariously. So, I told him “You know nothing, you SHUUUUUUTTTT UUUUUP !!!!”

You know what ? He still kept laughing. Hahaha……So, I said to him “I forgive you because you are ignorant.” Then I started laughing louder then him Haaaaaa…….XOXO. My other colleague said "You guys add up already more then 100 years of age, still like little kids." Hey, that's what friends are for right :P

It’s not Ferrari’s fault anyway. We are just lack of a little bit of luck that’s all. Hehe…

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