Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oyster Vegetables (耗油菜)

(Serving for 5 persons)

Ingredients :

About 700g of Vegetables
(Any green leaves vegetables of your choice. Kai Lan and Yao Choi are a better choice.)
(Other vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, mixed vegetables with mushroom are great too.)

(A) Boiling Vegetables -
1 ltr Water for boiling vegetables
1 tsp Salt
1-1/2 tbsp Cooking Oil

(B) Frying Vegetables -
5 cloves of Shallot (cut into rings)
2 tbsp of Chop Garlic
2 tbsp Oyster Sauce
White Pepper
2-1/2 tbsp Cooking Oil

Directions :

(A) Boiling Vegetables -
1) Washing - Soak Vegetables in water (add 1 tsp of salt) for 2 minutes. Wash to remove unwanted particles and cut away the roots or lower stamps. Rinse with fresh water and put aside.
2) Bring water to boil in a pot. Add salt, Cooking oil and place vegetables into the pot. Continue boiling for 3 – 4 minutes (or till vegetables are cooked) on medium heat. Drain and put aside for frying.

(B) Frying Vegetables -
1) Place cooking oil in frying pan and turn on medium heat. Fried garlics and shallot rings till it turns brown.
2) Lower the heat, add oyster sauce into the pan and stir for a while.
3) Add vegetables and mix well with the sauce.

(C) Serving Vegetables -
Place the vegetables on a plate and sprinkle pepper.

Fried Garlics and Shallot rings

Tips :

1) Use Canola, Sunflower Seed or Olive Oil as cooking oil is healthier.
2) Add salt and cooking oil to boiling water is to keep the vegetables look green and greasy.
3) You may choose not to mix the sauce with the vegetables in the frying pot. You can arrange vegetables nicely on a serving plate. When the sauce is ready, just pour them over the vegetables and sprinkle with white pepper. Let your guest enjoy the fun of mixing over the dinning table.
Baby Kai Lan



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Anonymous said...

Mouth-watering! I await a taste..... :)


Anonymous said...

YUM! Looks so great! Can I come to your house for dinner?

Verytiki said...

Hi TS and Lil. Thanks for the comments.

All human are welcome for dinner. My house is open to all :P I welcome alien too hehe...(oops....TS & Lil, I'm not saying that you are aliens haha..)

Lil, you are most welcome to place for breakfast,lunch, tea break, dinner and supper. Eat whatever you can and forget about weight management :)

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