Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Creation Church + Guan Yim Temple = Love

Roselle has been troubled by her mum’s sickness and we have suggested her to do prayers. We believe that with faith, nothing is impossible and miracles will happen. I’m Buddhist and she is Catholic. I truly believe what my respectful teacher (Sri Sathya Sai Baba) taught me and many others. He says “All religions call upon the one, Omnipresent God.” It is this unitary faith that he has been emphasizing that touches me, guiding me and healing me.

I have been conveying his message to my love ones and whoever in need that “Believe in God – for there is only One God for all mankind, though He may be called by many names.”

Last Sunday we arranged a trip to the Guan Yim temple in the morning for Roselle to put forward her doubts and worries. We pray for her mum’s recovery. She was given a message mentioning that there seems troubles but there’s a lotus flower rooting and blooming. Peace in choppy wave. I told her not to worry as her mum’s condition will improve. God is great.

To reassure her, we arranged with Pebbles and Riffle for attending a service in New Creation Church. I went to the Church before as a supplier of polybags and their kindness and love they had shown to a non Christian is very much appreciated. That is also the reason why we suggested visiting NC Church. This was also my first time attending a service with my kids. We met up with Pebbles + Riffle and proceeded to the Church.

We went to 4th floor as 3rd floor is occupied. Princess is only 2-1/2 year old and supposed to join the children’s class. Graciously, they allowed us to stay with Princess for our first visit with Pebble’s explanation. Pebbles accompanied Roselle to the healing room where she could do her prayers with guidance. She returned with tears.

Songs were sung and they were very touching and nice. Messages were sent across to us too. I can’t help myself to relate the message to Baba’s teaching. It’s not comparing or competing whose teaching is better. It’s mere relating the similarities in the teachings.

Pastor’s teaching : God’s power is in God’s Word. Jesus does not have to appear in the flesh for our healing and manifest miracles. God’s Word is like seed that we can sow and brings forth a mighty harvest.

Baba’s teaching : God is Love. He is omnipresent. God’s word is like ray of sun that shines at us and through us. His words are words of Grace and Pure Love. He is with us and in us. Seek it within you for there’s the ocean of nectar divine.

Paster’s teaching : God will not force us to take his word and stand on it. He lets us decide.

Baba’s teaching : God put forth his gracious love to all mankind. It’s like a man sprinkling water in a hot summer. Those who are standing in the open area enjoys the cooling mist, those choose to take shelter behind a tree receive some and those taking shelter behind tall buildings collect none. We decide where we want to stand. We can make changes and move to any spots we want. We decide. He gives and he guides.

Instruments played while Joseph Prince was addressing his message. It’s angles’ visits.

While Baba’s birth mother is pregnant with Swami, Tamboura leaning against the living-room wall twang and drum on the floor throb as if an expert hand were beating it. It foretold an auspicious birth of Baba.

It doesn’t really matters which religions you are from. It’s the spiritual principle that has been teaching. This path of Love, this virtue of Love, this duty of love, this obligation of love that has been extended to us. God is Great and we are bless with his divine and pure Love.

Sri Sathya Sia Speaks :
There is only one Caste, the caste of humanity
There is only one Religion, the religion of love
There is only one Language, the language of the heart
There is only one God and He is Omnipresent

There’s something funny happened while we were in the service. We had a good laugh whenever we talk about it. When bread and small cup of red juice passes around (representing flesh and blood of Jesus), Roselle and I pick up a piece and put into our mouth instantly. We didn’t know that we have to wait for the blessing before we eat. I have a misconception of eating immediately because in my JC, we would go up to the pastor and he will give us the bread and drink where we would eat immediately. God is great, he blesses us with double dosages !!!

After the service we notice that there’s F1 show held on ground floor lobby. Click click click, my habit to take pictures again. Black ninja was approached by a lady and he filled up a lucky draw coupon. Wish you good luck handsome (that lady said he is handsome and should have many girl friends). Haha…see who is the mother lah.

Riffle bought some doughnuts and we headed home as ET got ready food at home waiting for our arrival. All of us squeeze into Riffle’s F1 car. It’s really fun to pack like sardine and race like F1 driver. We drove passed F1 race track and we keep making F1 car’s noise “OOooooo…….”. We had great food and MU Super Sunday match (draw again.....sigh....) Anyway, it’s a wonderful day filled with Love and joy.

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