Sunday, September 14, 2008

Zion Road Hawker Center – Double Happy Bah Kut Teh & More

Advance booking was done on Saturday night with my eldest bro “Fong” and 3rd bro “Song” to have lunch with my dad on Lantern Festivals today (14.09.2008). My lovely and cute 3rd sister-in-law (Kathy) will be present too (my bro Song and Kathy station in Penang). My second brother “Sun” is not a fan of Bah Kut Teh and he gives it a miss.

We met in our regular spot, Zion Road Hawker Center, in the afternoon for lunch. My dad is a fan of Double Happy Bah Kut Teh (双喜肉骨茶). We become close friends with the stall owners since 20 years back while they were in Hill Street Hawker Center (already extinct). The stall is run by Ba Kut Teh Uncle, Auntie and their 2 sons. They are very friendly people. It’s like going to friends’ house for lunch. So warm and so loved. Never short of laughters.

As usual, we ordered steaming BKT in clay pot, vegetables, extra toppings of seaweeds, livers, intestine and pig skin (good supplement for our collagens). Their rice is something that I would highly recommend as it is charcoal cooked. I can’t express with words. You just need to try the difference. The nice aroma and texture will let you fall in love with rice. You can just eat it plain. We are always served with rice looks like Fuji Mountain.

Greedy us always order extra dishes…….deep fried dumplings from the store along side with Double Happy BKT – the Hao Bei stall (华北). The crispy dumplings are crispy outside and juicy inside. Serve with vinegar and ginger chili dip. How can anybody resist ? The stall order is a chubby uncle who likes to disturb my Princess. They all adore her and at times give her free dumplings. Hahaa….

Fried Kuay Tiao (at the corner) is a must to try. I don’t remember the name of the stall but you can never miss as they always have queue. Not many fried kuay tiao fried with leek (韭菜) and they did. It is so Teo Chew and so authentically prepared.

The opposite stall selling Xiao Wan Tang (hot pot seafood soup with noodles) is Supercute’s favorite. Not only the soup is delicious but they serve on pot with wax candles to keep the soup warm.

Black Ninja and Roselle ordered chicken rice (along side with BKT) as usual. They ordered white chicken plus lemon chicken rice. The uncle too become Black Ninja’s friend.

My eldest bro is vegetarian. He brought along his own food from another Malay coffee shop in Zion Road just around the corner of Zion Road Hawker Center.

There’s one stall selling Cheng Tng dessert which is running by an old uncle. His stall is on the same stretch with Hot Pot Soup stall. His Cheng Tng is so famous that many came all the way from as far as Changi and Woodland. However, due to his funny character, he has not many friends and at times shouted at customers. Even though, people still comes to him and forgive him. As usual, he is also our close friend. I don’t know why all the people there seems very friendly. Perhaps my dad is very good in building relationship with people for his direct character. Good or bad, he will just tell directly without fear of offending. That gets him many friends I guess.

As usual, I took many many pics and Black Ninja did the same. He manage to took some pics of “crocodile” in the river (Singapore River) next to the Hawker Center. I’ve posted the pics in my slide show. Take a good look :P

Tummy big big liao. My dad made us Chinese Tea with combination of Green Tea and Da Hong Pao tea. You cannot find it else where. The taste will stays and smoothen your throat. ET bought sweet pineapples as closing ceremony to conclude the day.My dad’s good friend Uncle Yuan pop by for ET’s pineapples. He stays nearby and will pop by when he knows we are there.

Time to leave and looking forward to meet again in the evening for our Lantern Carrying Ceremony. I’m wondering will the kids be enjoying carrying the lanterns or the adults.

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