Friday, August 29, 2008

KBOX Karaoke

Singing and eating are some of the things I love to enjoy with my family and friends. It’s my boss’s birthday and he invited us for a makan and singing session. KBox is our favorite KTV lounge as we can have buffet dinner and sing our heart out.

We’ve been to their branches in Marina Square and Orchard Cinelesure. So, we decided to give their new branch at Kallang Leisure Park a try. Anyway, it’s very near to our office. The rate is rather reasonable at S$23++ per head inclusive of buffet dinner and room till 11pm. It’s cheaper then what we had paid for in the other 2 branches. However, the spread is not as good (lesser food).

Upon arrival at 7pm, we were allocated Room 21 at the KTV lounge. Hey, Pebble, your KTV session was in room 12 if I’m not wrong. Want to buy 4D ? 1221 or 2112 over this weekend ? haha….

The room is big and no odor is detected :P We were given a sticker each to paste on our arm for the buffet dinner. Air-con was so cold and the food turned cold in a short while. So, you have to eat when it’s hot….hmm….it’s not really hot at the first place. They have good spread of Japanese food. They also serve Western food (I like the Cream of Mushroom soup) as well as Chinese Dim Sum and best among all is Laksa. However, as compare to Marina branch, I still prefer the later as the food is warm and spread is wider.

What I like most was their drinks and desserts. They have a good coffee machine dispensing Black Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino and Teh Tarik. We tried all the drinks and all of them were surprisingly well blend. Their cold drinks were lemonade, lemon tea, peach tea and green tea. I strongly recommend lemonade. I give it 4 stars.

As for their dessert, they serve Japanese Rice Cake, Sea Coconut, Gui Lin Gao Jelly, Peach Pudding and GOOD CAKES such as Chocolate Cakes, Tiramisu, Cheese Cakes, Fruit Cakes etc. Can you imagine, a nice cup of Latte with Cheese Cake and good singers around singing songs that you requested ? Its simply heaven.

My colleague Regine is a born singer. She sings better then Singapore Idols especially her Cantonese songs (she is not Cantonese). She is too humble to join Singapore Idol Contest else she will be cutting records now instead of being shouted by clients and suppliers at times :P

As usual, I’m busy taking pictures and eating then singing. Too bad the room was too dark and the pics I took was not to my satisfaction. So, I stepped out from the room and took pictures on the nicely arranged spread. Before I took pictures, I seeked permission from the lounge assistant. After lengthy explanation of why I I wished to take pictures for my blog, he just stared at me with a blank on his face. Well, he didn’t understand a single word I uttered. I spoke to him in English and little did I know that he is from China. So, I need to explain all over again in Mandarin. Finally, permission granted and happily I took those beautiful pics.

The session ends with another good cup of lemonade and final song sang by the birthday boy. Oopsss… then I realize we didn’t even wish him happy birthday. Anyway, we had wished him and bought him a cake a day before on his actual bday. Celebrating his birthday on the following day is only an excuse for us to “CHOP” him and belanja us dinner + KTV. Hahaha…..what an brilliant excuse. How fortunate my boss is to have smart staffs like us.

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Anonymous said...

The food seems nice but the pictures are a bit dark.

I'll try Laksa on my next visit.

Making your boss pay on his birthday is a brilliant idea. Haha.

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