Thursday, October 2, 2008

Faces & Fashions of Different Eras - GAGS

I've been taking portraits of myself on different eras. Here are some info of fashions from the 50s to 2000. Hope you like the info and my portraits.

They were all the way back to the 50s....Can you guess how old am I now ? Hahahaah....I'm an alien no doubts !!!

Fashions of the past :
In 1950, every girl had to have a poodle skirt. Today’s must-have ? Swing skirts.

In ’52, pearls were big. Today oversized necklaces are huge.

In ’54, cat-eye glasses got all the stares. Today…all the trendy and oldies are pop.

Ballet flats were the price possession of girls in ’56. And they’re still on the top of the list for today’s shoe divas ?

In ’58, no wardrobe was complete without a cardigan sweater.

In 1960, the “little black dress” was seen on all the gals. Today’s girls are favoring the “long dress” with its inspired prints and bold hues.

’62 our First Lady was setting the trends for the nation. Want to be today’s Jackie O ?

Miniskirts turned heads in ’64. What’s making head spin today ?

Knee-high go-go boots were groovy in ’66. Today’s girls favor a more petite ankle-high boot.

Oversized sunglasses were big in ’68. Today they’re even bigger.

In 1970, it was hippies in bellbottoms. Today, it’s hipsters in denim.

In 1972 it was all about colorful corduroys.

Gold accents brightened things up in ’74. Today’s girls are standing out from the crowd by pairing bow necks with their skinny jeans.

Flip-flops were flippin’ through the hallways in ’76. Today gals are sliding into a trendy pair of shoes.

Designer jeans hugged the hips of every girl in ’78. Twenty years later, they’re still hugging away.

Leg warmers heated up the fashion scene in 1980. Today, ruffles are the perfect addition to any outfit.

In 1984, neon colors made the hallways glow. Thday’s can’t-miss color is a cooler blue.

In ’86, girls were cruising the halls with their Walkmans. Today’s gals sport their music on their pocketsize phones.

Fanny packs were stylish in ’88 (no joke).

Overalls were worn over the shoulders of every girl in the ‘90s. Today’s girls are sporting off-the-shoulder sweaters.

In ’92, Seattle’s grunge scene swept the nation.

Baby tees were the tight fitting trend of ’94.

Doc Martens combat boots were worn by civilians in ’96. See how today’s military looks are marching forward with.

In ’98, girls were sporting platform heels that were popularized in the ‘70s. See what trends of the past are coming alive today.

In 2000, everyone got their exercise on their little push scooters. How will you burn some calories today ?

P.S. The first picture of this post looks 90% like my mother......Many told me before that I look like her. She is in heaven watching over me and my family. Misssssss X 10000....infinity you Mom.

Hahaha.......I'm not that old dear friends. Isn't it funny and cute ? XO XO XO...
Gogogo.....go to Year Book Yourself and do it yourself....Enjoy.


goooooood girl said...

Good good good......


heehee! I have similar portraits done of me by a good pal of mine.

Verytiki said...

Haha.....very fun right. I encourage Supercute and BlackNinja to do the same. Can't wait to see theirs.

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