Thursday, October 30, 2008

For Roselle

Know Roselle for almost 8 years. She came to our family when Supercute and Black Ninja were still in kindergarten. She is a great help, a great sister, a great partner and now a great mama to my my little princess.

There are many ups and downs we had been through. There were happy time, sad time, angry time, all the time we have together with lots of laughters and arguments. Like what Black Ninja says.....what went up must come down. This is the time we have to say Goodbye but I'm sure there will be time we will say I always stress......the world is small and we will meet some day.
Still remember very clearly the first day we met. These were our respond to Roselle :

* Supercute & Black Ninja.........MONKEY (Had a fright when they woke up from their afternoon nap and saw Roselle) !!!!

* Verytiki.........Hm.....quite pretty.

* ET.........Wow, so skinny.

The first day upon her arrival, we had dinner in KFC. She was so week at that time. After taking 1 piece of KFC (can't eat much) she vomitted....ayoh....waste my money leh :P After which, she was frequently sick....almost every two week. Fortunately, we have many medicines at home. worry.
On this day, memory just flashes back. What I can recall is mostly the fun time. The Malaysia trips, Sentosa resort, New Year, Christmas, National Day, the bowling, the roller coaster, vi keen, shopping, nail polishing, hair colouring & straightening, golfing, eating, movies, singing, screaming for MU goals, F1 etc etc. Of course, there were times with arguments and heat but non of us will put in heart.

I'm very glad that now Roselle is not weak (in fact she has more mussel then me) and have a fat fat belly to bring home. I have nothing much to give you for remembrance but this belly you bring home is priceless.


cos.......we are never and will never be apart.

All the memories we have for each other keeps us together !!!!

What we want to say to Roselle :

* Supercute : Haha......hehe......write blog lah (he will stay happy and look forward to meet you one day)

* Black Ninja : only go army service for two years lah. No worry lah.

* Princess : Where's mama ?

* ET : I want to eat Babui.....(sigh.....only think of food leh), pump and massage for yr mum, take good care of yr mum, use the knowledge you gain in Singapore and be a different person, don't let people take advantage, don't be stubborn, use your brain on your coconut head, sell arowana, set up restaurant, set up stall to do therapy......etc etc.

* Verytiki : Be a warior of life and make us proud. (see, always short and sweet).

Our promise to Roselle :
Study hard, excel in life, earn and save more $ (we need this to buy air ticket leh.....why not Roselle buy us ticket instead :P). Blog a lot a lot.

I'm not going to say GOODBYE. I'll only say SEE YOU SOON !!!

Promise ?.....yeah...PROMISE.
REMEMBER !!!!!!!!
NO TEARS..........I hate tears, it makes you weak !!!!!!!!

;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P



Anonymous said...

A wonderful tribute. Till we meet you again, Roselle. Take care and God Bless.


Verytiki said...

Thanks TS. Having a friend like her is a gift to us.

Even though I never say I Miss U but heart does sink especially seeing all the pics we took and writing this blog.

Anyway. Life goes on. Roselle, next time we meet, you will see a different and better YX,ZX+JX and that will be a promise and gift from me to you.

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