Monday, October 13, 2008

Swiming + Eating + The Tikis

Advance invitation was received on Friday from Pebbles to have dinner at her place on Saturday. I know Pebbles love to show off her culinary skill. If you are reading this, Pebbles....a piece of advice : Practice makes perfect. You need to practice every Saturday. Thus, you have to invite us every Saturday. We will not mind at all. :P age of to cook for us......thumbs up.

We always look forward to meet Pebbles and Riffle. We arrived around 5pm and off we go to the pool leaving Pebbles dancing in the kitchen. The kids enjoy swimming and I enjoy taking pics. The pool is wonderful will many tropical plants and flowers. It's so cozy and serene. How wonderful if I could have aroma therapy beside the pool. Princess and Roselle were overjoy kicking and splashing the water whereas Supercute and Black Ninja was enjoying their water polo.

We proceeded to the Riffle Restaurant after the swim and dinner was all set. Homemade Otah, self invented Kimchi Vegetables, noodles, mixed veg & meat dish, prawn salad, white grape juice, durian, I'm drooling.

Eat, drink, watch horror movie, play pc games, chat, eat again, drink again, chat again......non-stop fun and laughters. That's how we spend most of our weekends. So bless to be able to enjoy great time with great friends. What can I ask for more ?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tiki,

Always a pleasure to have you over at our place.

A sad point, though... I made a batch of my homemade otah for my family and they tried it for dinner yesterday. My mom sent me an sms today with their feedback. They didn't like it! Their complaint was that it did not taste EXACTLY like Muar otah. sigh... I should have known better than to ask Muar otah experts to do "food-tasting" of homemade otah. There is bound to be comparison. heehee.... :)

Aspiring chef

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