Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunny Golf - Happy Birthday

It is Sunny Golf Gong Gong's birthday today. Happy Birthday, Ah Hia! (hehe....stolen sentence from Pebbles.)

Have been trying hard to get Sunny but his mobile is engaged till late afternoon. We have prepared a surprise dinner (Curry Pork Rib with Bamboo Shoot and Hokkien Noddles) for him. Too bad....he was out of town for his golf game and was advance booked by his OCC friends upon his return in the evening. I should book him one month in advance haha....

Anyway, we enjoy the food and we almost sing birthday song without Sunny's present. Haha...

Sunny is Hokkien and we cooked hokkien mee (flat yellow noodles) with clams, vegetables, fish cakes, pork slices and prawns symbolizing longevity. As usual, snapping pics becomes a rouine. Some of the clams flesh has dislodged from the shell and it all happens on Supercute's plate. He manage to dig out at least 10 shells without flesh and he can only say ""

There was also pork rib curry with bamboo shoots and potato wadges. It's one of my favorite dish as it's not spicy at all. Princess who is only 2-1/2 year old is able to drink the gravy like soup.

Burping in satisfaction, dessert was served. Dessert was chin chow mixed with honey sea coconut and longan. Chin chow is cooling and refreshing. It's always good to have something cooling after taking spicy food.

The grand finale is hot and creamy KT Regency Cafe Latte with colourful donuts bought by our Kakis P+R.

I'm sure Sunny too enjoy his dinner with his friends. Happy Bird-day !!! May you be healthy and happy always.

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Delicious! I'm still drooling over the food!

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