Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mushroom Hot Pot, Shabu Shabu & Yong Dau Fu

It has been many times that I wish o have Mushroom Hot Pot and Shabu Shabu but delayed for many reasons. To have warm up celebration for Superute's birthday and Roselle's departure, we made it a MUST to get it done.

We went to one of my favourite supermarket that store a wide range of Japanese ingredients and food. The price is a bit high but the freshness and convenient is there. It is located at Liang Court.

We bought Australian Lean Pork specially slice for Shabu Shabu and assorted mushrooms like button mushroom, golden mushroom, abalone musroom, shitake mushroom etc. They are extremely fresh and all are organic. We can even eat it raw.

The spread is great and we are too busy to get ready the miso soup base till we forgot one important thing.....cook rice. No rice for the night. We replace it with Japanese Udon instead. Anyway, we have evil plan of having a supper after midnight. So, it's perfectly fine to go without rice.

Pebbles baked rosemary wine cake with walnuts and resins. It's delicious and healthy as I was told it only involved 3 tbsp of butter. The ground walnut and sugar toppings are surprisingly crunchy and nice. Perfect combination with our Kim Tian Regency Coffee. Yeah..

When clock strike 12am, we charge to Buket Merah View for Yong Dau Fu. The stall only operate after 12am. I used to visit there with my parents and ET and we need to queue for about an hour at that time. The queue is quite ok nowadays but it still keeps us waiting for half an hour.

I chop a place by queueing and ET proceeded to do the selection and place ingredients in a bowl. After which, ET took over the queue and hand the bowl to the stallholder. We ordered noodles and beehoon. The yong dau fu is marvelous. It was serve in a aluminium bowl, hot and bubbling. The noodles with sweet sauce is mouth watering. Pebbles is amused with the aluminium bowl. Hey, our bowl is average size. They have bigger bowl :P

(Pictures will post very very soon.....cos, I misplaced my card reader again .....hehe...blur blur.)

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