Sunday, October 19, 2008

Coffee Bean & Tea & Verytiki

It's Verytiki's birthday and I want the whole world to know how happy and bless I am. Haha....

The morning is exceptionally beautiful. ET and I decided to have a good breakfast at Coffee Bean Tea in Tiong Bahru Plaza who serves mouth watering breakfast, cheese cakes and my favourite Earl Grey Tea. A picture speaks a thousand words. See for yourself how nice the breakfast is ;)

Today will be all about food. We continue our food hunting with my kids and we ended up in Hong Lim Complex eating their famous Duck rice and noodles. After which we proceeded to China Town Point and bought a DVD player for Roselle's mother. We would love to give her the world but we can only afford a DVD player as farewell present. Well, it's the thought that count isn't it ?

We had fried Bee Hoon for dinner as the weather is not so fine in the evening. We do not wish to be caught in the rain. Dinner is simple but great.

A birthday celebration is not complete without a nice cake. We had rasberry cheese cake and it's yummy.

Thanks Pebbles & Riffle for your e-card, e-mail wishes and present. The bag is perfect when I go shopping with Princess.

Thanks Supercute and Black Ninja for spending 1 hours searching in Tiong Bahru Plaza for this cute and useful ceramic container. My ring is sleeping comfortably in the box.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VERYTIKI and many more to come. Cheers....

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