Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welcome Calla Lily

CallaLily is from Philippines and will be with us for two years. It is of my concern whether Princess is able to accept her as she is extremely close to Roselle. It will be a nightmare to me if she doesn't get along with CallaLily.

It's the first time CallaLily visited Singapore and we hope she can make our home and family as hers like what Roselle did.

I pray to Baba many times for granting someone who loves my family with right attitude. With love, all problems will be solved easily. Princess is a very particular girl that she will not allow anybody who is not familiar to her to carry her. However, to my surprise, she is allowing CallaLily to play and care for her. God is great and he loves me so much. I can't thank enough for Baba's love and teachings.
To ease the tension and welcome CallaLily, We had dinner in Great World Food Junction. CallaLily is able to take spicy food and ET ordered for her a very spicy Malay food. It's really spicy. haha..

ET was in the mood of eating and he too ordered Malay rice Plus Grill Chicken in Hot Plate. Yes, that is the reason why he is having the size that he is having now. The kids enjoy Japanese Bento and I had Steaming hot seafood soup serving on mini steam boat.

After the sumptuous dinner, we headed back home for early rest. Yes, I said Early Rest cos we slept at 2.30am. The boys club slept early but the girls had party with Princess till 2.30am. As usual, Princess refused to sleep early and play till 2.30am. What a task for CallaLily on her first night. Hey CallaLily, very soon you will have two beautiful little panda eyes. No make up needed ;)

I took leave to guide CallaLily and ET will teach her and pass her all his culinary skills. I believe in no time, she will be a great chef. I took pics for her first dinner she prepared for us. Not bad for a person who doesn't know how to cook Chinese dishes.

First dish, Pork Vegetables Soup

Complement with, Pouch Egg

The following day, we had appointment with Gong Gong to have lunch in Zion Road Hawker Center. As usual, we had Bak Kut Teh, chicken rice and seafood soup.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to my two lovely sons Supercute and Black Ninja. The day we sent Roselle to airport, it's early in the morning and we returned home around 6am. For some reason, Princess was awake and Supercute was taking care of her. He had prepared nutritious breakfast (half bowl eggs with coffee and toasts) for all of us too. Black Ninja got ready himself independently and headed for school with his bro's nice breakfast in his cute belly.

ET is very tired as he need to rush to pick his students too. We were all exhausted but this love that my family is showing and sharing keeps us moving.

Black Ninja was having his last final year exam paper the day Roselle left. But he was very understanding and coping well. He was so happy that his exams were finally over and he could play comp the whole day. After playing for a while, he came to me and proposed that he will take a day off from school the next day to help Supercute and CallaLily in taking care of Princess. I'm delighted and speechless.

The boys really meant what they said. It has been almost a week now and Supercute is sleeping in Princess's room accompanying her till she sleeps. I know he is very tired too and many times I ask him to go ahead and sleep but he refuse to reason being I'm sick and he is not tired. There are couple of nights he dosed off before Princess. Zzzzzzz.......

Both boys will guide CallaLily too when she is in doubt. They are my left and right hand men.

Thank you boys. You boys are god sent and I never thank enough for that. Muacks.....



A warm welcome to Calla Lily! I look forward to sumptious food cooked by you starting with this saturday. Burp!

By the way, Tiki, I found a recipe for carrot cake pudding! hehe... It looks quite easy to make, so if I can squeeze the time after my Grammy-award-winning performance this saturday (8 November 2008), I will bring the pudding to your place.

See you guys this saturday! Mwah! Mwah!

Verytiki said...

Haha....Look forward to your pudding. All the best to your performance.

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