Friday, October 17, 2008

Beauty Credit

My lovely colleague Regine gave me a surprise present today (she is really lovely. Not just because she gave me a present :P).

Opening present is a fun game to me. See what she has give me :

WHAT !!!!!! Toothpaste ?????.....It's ok to give me toothpaste. But I know it's not that simple. What's inside ?????.......A trap ? A worm ? A cockroach ?....AAAAhhhhh......'s a lovely gift that is so useful for me. Yeeaaah....

Yes. It's Beauty Credit BB Cream !!! I remember asking my colleague why her complexion has improve and her beans on her face reduce. Her face is improving and look as though she has makeup on but she didn't put on any except sun block and BB Cream. She ask me how different she looks now but I just can't tell what's the difference. The only difference is she looks much better and brighter. I did mention to her that I wants to look brighter and prettier too and I'll save money to get the cream (the cream is not expensive but as a mother of 3, funds are always set for the kids. Beauty product is always the last on my purchasing list no matter how much I wish to have it).....No, it's not a hint for her to buy for me. She just remember what I want. So sweet of her.

I am a busy and lazy person when it comes to skin care. This cute BB cream is 5 in 1 (uv protection, foundation, green tea essence, vitamins, insulation) . So easy and convenient to use. It's also very gentle on sensitive skin like mine. All I need to do is to apply a thin layer on my face and neck. As simple as A, B, C.

Press and apply. Simple simple....

I'll be so beautiful on my birthday. Yesss......with my new and sweet pink Beauty Credit (Korea) lip gross.

I declare to the world...I...VERYTIKI....From today onward. Ladies and gentlemen........I'll charm the world. Kekeke......


Anonymous said...

May I know where your colleague get this ?

Verytiki said...

She got it from Malaysia.

If you wish to buy, just drop me an e-mail. I'll ask her to buy for you. to pass it to you ? Hm...Send me an email of which item you want, I'll get her to buy for you and you may collect from me.

We corresponds via e-mail ok.

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