Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali & Happy Birthday Supercute

Happy Deepavali to all my friends.

Deepavali is a festival of lights. Lights brighten the street of Singapore and Indian family will light lamps and candles symbolising victory of good over evil. Beautiful and colourful design papers/flour are paste/painted on the floor of front doors and candles were lit and placed all over the house.

My Indian friend told me that the candles signifying welcoming of god to their family too. It's really very similar to our Chinese culture of hanging up red lanterns and paper cuttings on doors and windows.

This year, Deepavali falls on 27 Oct 2008. Since Supercute's birthday coincide with Deepavali, we give him the honour to light up the candles for Deepavali when the clock strike 12am. He is very happy lighting the candles and continue with his pc games till 2am.

Secret arrange has been plan by Black Ninja to give his bro a surprise the following morning. Black Ninja and Roselle accompany Supercute in the morning to Tiong Bahru Plaza for shopping and having fun time in Time Zone Acard. Supercute is delighted. They had Japanese food again for lunch while I'm baby sitting my princess and preparing the birthday cake for him.

It's the first time I try making Lemon Meringue Pie. Black Ninja is very helpful to be assistant chef. It turns out not too bad but the size is not so ideal. It will taste better if I make it pie/tart size. However, it turn out to be beautiful. Supercute has the honour to decorate the pie.

With left over egg yorks, I decided to bake another Prune cake as standby (just in case they do not like Meringue Pie). Too bad, I couldn't get Prune in the very last minutes and I replace it with craneberry and resins. Haha.....yayaya....this reserve cake is better.

We had western food for dinner with the wonderful accompany of Pebbles and Riffle in Tanglin Halt Hawker Center. As usual the kids and Pebbles had chicken cutlet and the rest of us have mixed grill. ET ordered mutton satay. Well, its delicious but a bit overcook and hard for old lady to chew.

After dinner is cake cutting time. Haha....Supercute blow candles twice, cut cake twice and we sing brithday song twice.....cos I bake 2 cakes.

My first cake is Lemon Meringue Pie.

Next is Cranberry and Raisin Cake.

Many great years ahead my dear son. Be healthy, be bright and be kind always. Enjoy many years of fun spray too. haha.. (the spray is nice and fun but stink.)

Pebbles and Riffle bid farewell to Roselle and the mood is low as departure is always heartbroken. Well, the globe is very small. We will keep in touch always. So, no tears but laughters. Cheers.




Hi Tiki! Could you please post the recipe for the pie and cake that you baked? Thanks so much! Take care.

Verytiki said...

HAHA..sure. But give me some time cos I'm extremely busy now. My hair is standing up and I look like pocupine.

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