Saturday, August 23, 2008

SUNNY's Famous Chili Crab & Bee Hoon

SUNNY Gong Gong is my mum's god brother. He is like a father to me and a grandpa to my kids. He is so young at heart and tough like a iron rock. Sportsman like him has been collecting many awards and trophies in skying, bowling, boat racing, golf, diving and shooting. He is teaching us Golf and definitely a perfect Golf Pro to many. Many times, my kids just fool around with him as though they are of same age.

He invited us over to his place last night for dinner to celebrate the completion of my kids' examinations.'s just an excuse to celebrate...actually we are just aiming for his famous Chili Crab and Bee Hoon. He is a brilliant cook.

Jo, Supercute, Black Ninja and Mei Mei went to Gong Gong's house in the afternoon to get the food ready. Gong Gong tought Supercute to cook vegetables and he excels it. ET and I arrived in the evening follow by Pebbles and UR. The braised duct that ET bought complements the meal. Pebbles and I kept taking pictures for our blogs while the rest were busy eating. The meal ended well with canned dessert, bananas, gin lime and crackers.

Supercute, Jo and Mei Mei stay over for the night for computer games. I've downloaded a few pc games for them to compete with each other at night. Apparently, Gong Gong was hooked to the game. I heard from Supercute that Gong Gong kept playing and was the last one to end the game :P. Looks like we have another PC Game addict. Welcome to the club Gong Gong.

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