Monday, August 18, 2008

Beijing 08 Olympics Medal for Singapore

Our Singpoare Women Tabe Tennis Team has finally bring us back a Olympic Medal after a long 48 years wait. We have been following the game closely and cheer for our team with out heart out. Yeah…..girls, you make us proud.

Our women trio of Feng Tian Wei, Wang Yue Gu and Li Jia Wei (world ranking 9, 7, 6 respectively) have done us proud by coming in second after beating South Korea, USA, Nigeria and Netherlands in the women’s table tennis team event at Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Our girls in yesterday match display good sportsmanship. You can see them putting up great smiles even if they are beaten by China top rated team consisting of the world’s no 1 & 2 players.

We are extremely delighted having such result. Even my 2-1/2 year old daughter is supporting our team. She “Jia You Jia Wei” and claps her tinny hand whenever we claps. Haha….cool girl.

So, Singapore, let’s dream of our Olympic Gold and strive for it.

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