Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BEN....the poodle

Ben is Gong Gong's best buddy. He is a poodle about 14 years human age (14 x 7 years = about 98 years in dog age). ET bought it when he was 3 month's old in 1994 as a gift to Gong Gong. He is a very gentle and intelligent dog. He used to jump in great height till a day when he fell and broke his leg. After underwent operation, his hind leg is still weak. He is such a kind soul that even Mei Mei squeeze his tail or pull his ears, he will never retalliate. When Mei Mei gets near Ben, I've to be very careful not worring that Mei Mei being bitten by Ben but Ben get hurt by Mei Mei. He is such a jewel.

Ben eats fruits everyday. An apple a day..keeps the doctor away. He has pinkish completion :) However, due to old age, Ben developes some heart problems and on medication which makes him lost appetite. I hope he can get well soon but I have this worry that should anything happen to Ben, Gong Gong will be heart broken. ET and I bought him Ben because he lost his pet dog King who was with him for 14 years. He was very down when King had to put to sleep but Ben brought back all the laughters. Gong Gong will be very lonely without Ben.

Am I going to get him another dog after Ben passes on ? Should I let Gong Gong break his heart every 14 years ? I really don't know.....Is there a dog that will live for 20 years ?

Ben....please stay healthy as your papa needs you most.

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