Thursday, August 7, 2008

SINGAPORE Happy 43th Birthday

Singapore National Day falls on 9th Aug and it is a day where we celebrate Singapore Spirits. The Spirit of being One People, One Nation, the Spirit of fighting together through hard times, the spirit of helping each other, the spirit of loving and sharing. The Singapore Spirit has brought us prosperity, peace and prominence on the international stage, and we celebrate it this year and many many years there after.

My dear kaki Pebbles has written about the history of Singapore and I'm going to make it a skip. (Hey Pebble, how can you write before me ? I wanted to write about that you know !!! It's all your fault. Now I have to crack my head and write on other topics. Do you want me to cut and paste your blog post again ? )

Let me share with you my slid show and Singapore NDP 08 Theme songs. Lets sing together and transcend from multitude of voices into one unified voice for our Small but Strong Singapore.

(I prefer the Chinese version "Qing Kong Wan Li-Joi Chua" then the English "Shine for Singapore-Hardy Mirza". Sorry Hady :P)

Happy birthday Singapore. With our determination to stay as ONE, I am sure our next generation can enjoy what we are enjoying now for the things our previous generation had generated. Keep it going, Singapore, regardless of race, language & religion. I love Singapore, we love Singapore.....Singapore My Home, My Country, My Pride.



Yes! I beat you to it!

Nevermind... let me make a suggestion.... Teachers' Day is coming up. I'll let you blog about it first, okay?

You're the best! Mwah!

Verytiki said...

Wahaha.....I'm not the best. You are Teacher Shhh.......Remember ?
Ohhh....Don't tell me, you are hinting to me something ? praise you on Teachers' Day ? Hmmm.....

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