Monday, May 5, 2008


My second son Zi Xuan is one that is full of innovative ideas and curiosity. After knowing that I’ve started learning creating website and blogs, he wanted me to put up an article in my blog sharing his experience as he wants others to learn from his mistake…….such a big heart that I truly admire.

This is what he has written :

Dear people reading this passage of my experience. Please do not try this.

One day (Tuesday), I was having my remedial lessons in school. It was about 3.42pm on 5th of Feb 2008. I saw some light blinking and I am curious. I touch something on the computer. Immediately it spark and “BOOM !!!” It is really loud.

At first I thought it was OK. Then on Friday after my CCA (basketball activity), I saw my form teacher’s face turn red with anger. She scolded me in front of my whole class. I felt very embarrassed. Luckily I was given a second chance.

I hope that people reading this passage will learn not to touch what is unknown and do not follow me KIDS ok !!!

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