Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It was 3 years back that I went to Perth with my mum, brother, sis-in-law & kids (my husband miss the trip as he need to work. He is still regretting till date. Haa…).
It was a wonderful and fun trip. We visited Fremantle Market on South Terrace where we found so many unusual ranges of items like fresh fruit, honey and hand crafted local items. I can still remember the taste of steam corn….yummy.
Till date we still talk about the fun we have in places like swan lake, Perth Bell Tower, Perth Mint, China Town, Kings Park and Botanic Gardens. All the beautiful wild flowers, lemon plantation, cute koalas & kangaroos, and the friendly people simply make our stays more memorable.
The Maze is the funnest day out. It has a huge and unique Timber Maze and 2 Pine Maze. After having great lunch in Café Iguana (they serve fantastic sandwich), we split into two teams one of which is my kids and I, the other is my bro and his kids. My mum is the judge. It takes us quite a while to get out of the mazes as the timber planks and trees are so tall that we can’t see the exit. Guess who is the winner? …..of course my team. Hehe…

Here’s a pic I took with my mom & kids in The Maze. That is also the
last trip I enjoy with my mum. I miss her so much.

Look at the tall pine trees. Wonderful isin't it ?

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