Friday, May 16, 2008

Sichuan Earthquake (四川大地震)

It pains all heart since 12 May 2008 (Black Monday).

So many lost their home, their kids, their parents, their teachers, their students, their doctor, their nurse......their love ones. News from TV, radio, web keep pouring in with news that hurt so much. On the other hand, love immerse from all over the world besides the wonderful selfless rescue team to provide aids to the unfortunate.

China Premier Wen Jiabao, who has been in the quake zone since Monday 12.05.08 continuously comforting the people and urging the rescue team to keep up their efforts. This shows what a great leadership should be.

Priorities began shifting on 15 May 2008 (Thursday) from the hunt for survivors to dealing with the dead. Officials said the final toll could more than double to 50,000.

My family in Singapore and many others too are putting in efforts by donating to red cross. My sons are keeping up with the news from Yahoo news everyday. I'm glad that they display concern and love for the less fortunate and put into action by donating.

(More news and touching articles from : )

Salute to the countless rescue teams and survivors for their love and courage. My full respect to all that extend their helping hands and love.

为逝者志哀,为生者祈福 !!!

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