Tuesday, May 27, 2008

LOVE PASSES ON (爱….流通于世)

There’s a saying……When it is practical, it is logical. It has been more then two weeks after Sichuan earthquake. The pains and sorrows are still hurting many hearts. If it is logical, the logic is disastrous. However, when there’s great pain, there comes great love.

Being a proud Singaporean, being distance away from the people in Myanmar and China, we do our part. I’m a proud mother of my sons and daughter knowing that my kids feel for the less fortunate, willing to show their sympathy and share what they have. Their school has done their fund raising and all kids, teachers, parents had donated. They are very supportive and loving towards the less fortunate.

After reading so many news and stories, I share all with my kids by asking them to watch news and websites broadcasting videos on the disaster.

On the following day, my younger son told his teacher what he saw on the web and how sad he felt. It’s after exams and all students are enjoying playing board games, cards and chatting in class. Thus, his teacher wants my son to share what he has learned from the news to his classmates. Without second words, my son search for the site and open the video link. The class pc is connected to a projector and the whole class was able to view the clip.

The clip is about a mother crouching while the house collapse and under her crouching body is her 3-4 months baby. She is dead protecting the baby but the baby is alive. Rescuer found a hand phone in the baby’s blanket with a message….”Dear baby, if you are alive, I want you to know, I love you forever."

The class went all silence. My son told me that he can even hear the fan rotating when initially it’s like a market place. Tears fall from all the kid’s beautiful eyes. Kids are angels, they don’t hide their feelings. They are pure, innocent and filled with love.

My son came back that day, telling me what had happen in the class. He told me, he donated all his saving. I am a proud mother. I’m so touch and so glad that my sons has heart of gold.


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