Monday, May 12, 2008

MU OUR CHAMPION + Happy Mother’s Day

11.05.2008 is mother’s day. My son bought me a choc chips biscuit and made me a big pot of Latte Coffee to go with the biscuit for breakfast. How thoughtful of them.

It is also the Survival Day for EPL. Our whole family is MU supporters inclusive of my two year old daughter. We cheer, yell, jump, clap, sing Oh-leh-Oh-Leh-Oh-Leh…..hahaha…….Just hope that our neighbors will not complain about noise pollution.

Our champion MU does not disappoint us. They make us proud in JJB stadium. Wigan v MU and the score is 0-2 !!!!! Bye bye Chelsea !!! We are the champion, we are the champion. Yeaaaaahhhhh…….

See, another mother’s day present from MU. Wahaha…..

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