Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My eldest son Yu Xuan is one that is full of love and kindness. You know he will be there for you when you are down. He will cry before you do. He is a Love guy.
Knowing that his younger bro is writing something in my blog, he wants to share what he love too.
This is what he has written :
Hi….!!! Maple is a fun game as it is an adventurous game. I am a nooooooob at level 21 but I have many high level equipments. Eg. Sitar, Red Seraph Cape, Black Suit, Umbrella and Sauna Robe. If you think that’s all that I have, then you are wrong. Hehehe…

I earn 300K per day selling Ore too. They are Gold Ore, Topaze Ore, Steel Ore, Iron Ore, Garnet Ore, Gerent Ore and Bronze Ore. My rare Ores are Opal Ore, Aquamarine Ore, Emerald Ore and Sapphire Ore.

If you are having an account that is at very high level, you can sell your account to other gamer for a very high price. I do hope I can make some from that in future.

I would like all maplers to have a good time like I do. Cheers…

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