Tuesday, July 8, 2008


At times, people tends to be lazy and cut corners. Many thanks to Pebble......Here's how I cut corner......copy and paste her blog.....wahaha......Anyway, I'm about to talk the same topic. So, why not just cut and paste part of your blog here.... :P :

From Pebble's blog :

"The 3 musketeers (my 3 kids) were listening to YouTube videos before dinner. When dinner (very appetising Spaghetti bolognaise cooked by their Papa) was served, their Papa told them to leave the YouTube videos playing. When Click 5 started singing "Kidnap My Heart", 3 year old Nining (my daughter) started singing along! We were all stunned that she knew the lyrics.

After dinner, we continued with our karaoke session using the YouTube videos. Everyone gave suggestions of which video to play, eg. Uptown Girl, Dancing Queen, Funky Town, Apologise, etc. Not to be left out, Nining requested for Alvin and the Chipmunks songs. The songs were so catchy that we started dancing and stomping our feet! Even Nining was shaking her booty while dancing! Alas! I forgot to take out my digital camera to take a photograph of her dancing. We even discussed going to the KTV while we were dancing. AC (that's me) said that the KTV sessions cost less on a weekday afternoon. A thought occurred to us and we started joking about taking urgent leave this coming Monday in order to go to the KTV at Kallang. (oops... Ah Boy (Pebble's friend), if you are reading this post, please keep my secret if I fail to turn up for work this coming Monday, okay? I will give you and Ah Wen (Pebble's friend) a treat in exchange for your silence.)"

Well, we didn't took leave for the KTV sessions as I've urgent job to do on Monday and not feeling well too. Anyway, there's many chances to come.....Hey, I'll take Medical Leave. Why take Urgently Leave right ?!!

Shhh........whoever knows me. Please keep it a secret.

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