Friday, July 18, 2008

DESARU MALAYSIA - Free and Easy Trip

Desaru is Located in the Malaysian State of Johor. It takes just 2 hours from Singapore or 1 hour from Johor baru Town. It features a wide variety of attractions such as beautiful beaches, fruit farm, golf resorts, water falls and it's definately a Gourmet's Paradise.

Last week I took a short break with my kids (my eldest son and youngest daugher), Jo (my daughter's mama) and god papa who is also my kid's golf pro to Desaru. My god papa is just like his name SUNNY. He is so active, sporty, funny and sunny. He has been there so oftern that he knows almost all the roads, farms, lanes, golf course even mountains where robbers used to stay to avoid being caught.

We reached JB for breakfast....the famous Ba Kut Teh. Yam yam. It's so delicious. The coffee shop is so pack, noisy and hot but they really serves good Ba Kut Teh.

After which we proceeded to Desaru Fruit Farm. As the weather is so hot and it's not durian seasons, we decided to give give a miss to the fruit tour cos we need to pay for entrance fees...haha..Why should we pay when we can't see durian. We just went to their fruit mart and grap some fruits (just to prove that we've been to the fruit farm.)

Sunny is a golf pro thus, visiting various golf courses is in our itinerary. We visited two golf clubs and took some pics. They are so beautiful with lots of ponds and palm tress. I like the resting hut where golfers can grap some drinks and snacks. The rest room is a must to visit. It's a very beautiful and authentical wooden hut. One can find peace visiting and doing Big Business in it :P.

Just look at the pic. Can you imagine ? It's actually taken outside a toilet !!!
It's lunch time, we left the golf course for our seafood feast. There's another surprise awaiting us on the way to our lunch. Along the golf course road, we saw many monkeys. They move in herds and each herd has a leader. The leaders are big fierce male. We pull over our car and threw whatever titbits we had in hand. My kids were all so excided seeing monkey mummy hugging it's baby. There's this one little monkey dashed up to the window trying to rob a piece of crackers from Sunny.
Nobody should miss the seafood when you visit Desaru. They are famous of the seafood especial baby lobster. There again. Golf papa drove us to a famous restaurant for baby lobster. We ordered steam lobster so that we can really taste the freshness of it. Ofcourse, you may wish to have it prepare with chilly, pepper, butter etc. It's really mouth watering. It's not expensive too. Take a look at the pic. Simply irresistable isin't it ?

After lunch. Golf Papa drove us to beach and show us where the fishermen do their catch for the baby lobster. The wave is choppy and water is milky. We were told that lobster suits this type of environment. We saw many small little huts where the fishermen lives. Well, perhaps, next trip we should go earlier and try catching some ourselves.

We had a wonderful one day tour and decided to head back to home. Golf Papa had all these weird recommendations. He wanted us to try Basar Feast before we call it a day. We reach one special restaurant in JB serving special food. Take a look at the pic and guess what we had for our dinner.

Have you got the answer ? Well...... They are .........
Leopard, Bat and Porcupine !!!
The taste is quite strong as they were prepared in herbs. To me, they taste like wild boar but the meat is not as stiff as wild boar. Not bad actually.
Bye bye Malaysia. See you again in near future.

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PEBBLES said...

Goodness me! My mouth is watering just looking at all those dishes!

Could I please ask you for a favour? The next time that Golf Papa decides to take you guys on a quick escapade like this one, please count me in! If you go on a weekday but give me ample warning, I can apply for leave. If it is a last minute decision to make a 1-day getaway on a weekday, there is always this thing called "urgent leave". heehee...

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