Friday, July 25, 2008

LG Viewty Mobile Phone

I got my LG touch screen phone for it's nice look and new touch screen feature. I've been using it for past 3 months and I'm quite happy with it except for a few set back.

First it's the sms. It's a bit slack when I'm trying to sms. As it's touch screen, I need to either use the pan or my finger to do it. Lazy woman like me is too lazy to use the pen :P. Unlike other buttons phone, you can press the buttons easily and with speed. But touch phone is slower by half a second. I've started to scold my phone when I need to sms. Poor phone.

Another problem is the battery. It can only last me a day. I'm not a person that chat on phone. I seldom have calls except my kids reporting to me when they reach home. Being able to standby only a day is frustrating. My colleague who is a heavy user (having the same model) need to standby two batteries. He is having it for 4 months and thinking of selling.

Anyway, I'm still ok with my phone. Except that the pics I took is too small when I download to my pc. When I enlarge it, it becomes very blur.

Yesterday while having good lunch with my colleague and office neighbours (we are the flowers of Kallang. Really, we can't find any others that are more beautiful and intelligent then us.), I mentioned my frustration regarding my phone. One of the girl's (Elaine) sis is having the same phone too so Elaine knows the features quite well....Hm.....actually...better then me. You know what, I guess she almost fainted after hearing that my pics are too small on screen. She said "Your phone is having 5MP. You have to set your phone so that the pics will be big. You can even put it as Wall Paper on your PC." dear friend Kelly said "Auntie, why you buy such a good phone and do not know how to use ?"

I thought my phone is a lousy phone that's why I can't have good pics. I even took some pics with my colleague before lunch using different LG phone on same object, same distance, same lightings and comparing our pics. We came to a conclusion that my phone is lousy.

After resetting my phone, walaa......the pics are superp....All of us can't stop laughing cos it's really funny. How can I get good pics when I only set the resolution as 1MP ? Wahaha.......I didn't know that I'm such a retard.

I'm bless to have friends and colleauge like them. It's not easy to have friends that can tell you off directly and have a good laugh out of it. Having lunch with them is always our happy hour.

Cheers to our friendship : Angie + Elaine+ Kelly + Regine rocks...

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