Monday, July 21, 2008


Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday but it's not that beautiful when some happenings really spoil the day.

I need to take my eldest son for his English tuition in the afternoon. As the papa is not available, we decided to take a bus to the tuition center. To take the bus, we will need to cross a T junction. While crossing the lane with my two kids, a red vehicle just turn into the lane (two way traffic) from the main road without giving any signal. We are crossing half way on the lane with opposite direction against the red car. It's obvious that the red car turned into the wrong direction lane. If it wish to turn, it should turn to the lane in front of us.

Without even apologize, the Fat (really very fat) chinese Ah Lian driver started showing hand signs with anger. I was so angry too as her reckless driving might cause us harm. Thus, I lift up my hand and show her "What is that ?" Ah fat get so angry. She wind down the window and started scolding vulgar words. There were three passengers all girls with her just starring at us. I was furious too. The first thing came to my mind was to pick up a huge rock and smash right onto he car. Ofcourse I never do that haha...It's just a evil thought that comes and goes.

I held my kids' hand and crossed the road as it all happened in the middle of the lane. When they are safe, I simply turn around and show that Fat Lian my beautiful long finger that I'm always proud of, turn my head and walk off. Haha....I guess the Lians will have fumes on their heads.

I don't know why these young girls have such bad attitude. My kids are very angry and wanted to report police. However, we didn't take down the vehicle's number. It's partly my mistake as at that moment I'm so furious and I forgot to take down the number. If I've taken down the number, they will definitely get their punishment. I should have kept cool and take down the number.

Anyway, it's good to let my kids experience that. Now they really know what impression people will perceive when a person speak and behave like Ah Lian or Ah Beng.

After dropping my eldest son to class, I proceeded to NTUC with my younger son to do our marketing. After all our selection of good food, we took an escalator (flat belt type) up to the floor where we will be making our payment. However, towards the end of escalator, there's this young Malay boy playing on the escalator. He was walking backward. Our cart is approaching him and we started yelling at him as we can't move the cart or stop the cart. The boy didn't hear us. Booooom......we bang into him on his batok. The boy is frighten and ran away. I hope he was not hurt.

After payment, we met my eldest son and proceed home by bus. The bus was full and we have to stand. My youngest son is standing beside a big and tall Indian man. This man started to hum like a humming bird. "Hmm....hmm.....hmm.....". I thought he is singing with ear piece on but my son didn't see anything on his ear. This man started humming louder with his eyes closed. My son was annoyed and frustrated too due to the earlier two incidences. My son told me that the man was humming in the same tone and same interval as though he was being possessed. So weird.

Well, weird things happen in three. What a day.


PEBBLES said...

Hi! In Malaysia, Ah Lians are referred to as "La La" (ie. clams). I asked my cousin (who is a Malaysian citizen and a Singapore permanant resident) why they are known as "La La". She said that it had something to do with the way they dress.

I can understand how frustrating it can be when we encounter inconsiderate people in a society that claims that they are 1st world (heehee... Ninja would have a rude remark to make had he known that I refered to our society as "1st world").

I guess it just goes to show that all sorts of people make up this world.

What is more important is that your sons are unhurt.

At the end of the day, "let live and let go" (after you complain about the incidents, that is.... *grin*).

Verytiki said...

I've let go the very day I published my blog :P

That's the magic of blogging...Kekeke...

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