Friday, June 27, 2008


I went shopping in Bugis Junction with my kids yesterday and we all have what we want.

We started off eating all the funny snacks once we step out from the Bugis MRT Station. We had giant hotdog, japanese satay, sweet potato fries, fruit ice-cream, crispy chicken etc. By the time we finish galevanting we are almost full.

My kids will not be happy without visiting the acarde. They are big boys but they still love hitting the little creatures popping up their heads from the machines. Well, I guess is not much about the games but the goodies they can exchange with the tickets they earn.

On our way home, we passes by some interesting pushcart selling little gifts, earrings, keychains, bags, t-shirts. Something caught my eyes and immediately I know I must make it mine. Well, here's a pic of the keychain I bought. It's 3 layers fat pork keychain. It looks so real.

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