Saturday, November 22, 2008

Queenstown Secondary School 08 Open House

It is a beautiful Saturday and I'm looking forward for Quest Open House. Supercute will be in Sec 2 next year and he is Volley Ball School Team. Today, he will be representing his team to display his superb skill to new comers. Well, we will be there to support him.

To my surprise, the Open House is fantastic. We are greeted by students and we have a tour guide (a student of Quest) to introduce the school, the various departments, projects that the proud Quest has done and the new indoor stadium.

It is PERFECT. Perfect events, perfect kids, perfect presentation, perfect environment, perfect door gift (Beautiful orange bag with Quest cartoons). Our tour guide is Supercute's friend and formally from River Valley Primary School just like Supercute. They are friends then and still good friends now. How wonderful to have such friendship. I tried to take a portrait pics of his handsome face but he is very shy. Haha....nice and polite boy...oops...I should say, young man. Nice and Perfect young man.
Our Tour Guide

Black Ninja has made up his mind to join the school upon his graduation from RVPS. Princess and Calla Lily are busy exploring the students' projects. I can't believe my eyes that such complicated projects were done by students. Just look at how they create their robots, grow their crystals, wood crafting, science experiments, maths quiz etc etc. For a moment, I thought I'm in University's Open House.

Supercute is very proud of his school so are we. We headed home and had Tiong Bahru Market's famous Wan Ton noodles and desserts. Just look at the roasted port, the crispy vinegar chili have to taste to believe. The desserts too are beautiful and wonderful.

Celebrations continue with our perfect friends Riffle and Pebbles. We are prepared to stay up late for our soccer team MU MU MU. We don't mind being a herd of Panda :P cos the match will ends after 3am. Haha.... Life is great with great friends and family.

Pebbles has written in details about the evening and I'm too lazy to repeat.'s the link to her post for the night : Crazy Night

Yayaya....I'm Lazy....Okokok....I'll post some pics here :

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