Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Being mother of three is bless and bliss. There are so many Ups and Downs in my life and I would like to share with all of you. My children are not a burden but motivator in times of despair. They make me an warrior. A warrior that will never give up.

While having my thrid baby girl, I was ask to leave my job as my boss need to cut cost. My husband has lost his major contract and in tight financial situation. My mum who is my pillar pass away from stroke. All happens one after another. I'm not asking for sympathy but I'm sharing my experience.

All these happenings are a great blow to my peaceful life. So depress, lost and despair but I manage to survive. Many thanks to all the lovely people around me giving me moral supports. I told myself everyday that I'm a Warrior. I stay as cheerful as possible day after day. Nobody can help me if I have no courage.

So, after picking up my courage, I negotiate with my boss to keep me employed till child birth. At the same time, I started looking for jobs and friends did a great part in searching good jobs for me. Out of a sudden, I have so many job offers haha...

The most painful is the lost of my mum. Trying to cope with the sorrow while carrying my baby. A baby girl that she aways hope that I can have (after having 2 boys) but will never be able to meet. I have to keep positive so that it wont affect my baby in me. It's all a test to me. A test that I need and must pass. With faith and love, I did it.

So, no matter what problems and obstacles you face, always tell yourself that 'I AM WARRIOR!!" Have courage and faith. You will pull through.

So much of my downs, I'll share with you all my ups....and they are ofcourse my children....2 boys + 1 girl.

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