Monday, December 1, 2008

Mahjong, Laksa, EPL, snacks and Baby Sitting

It was a wonderful and fun filled Saturday we had enjoyed. Here's the event of the night :

My mom-in-law requested for a Mahjong game. However, we are unable to find enough players. We need four to start the game but there's only 3 of us (MIL, ET, Verytiki). ET suggested that we should train the younger generation. Yes, a good idea to train their maths and behaviours. Calculations, observations, self-control, politeness, considerations, composures, alertness etc are required for the game. We are not playing for money so it's not gambling. We are just playing for the fun of it and make our mind work better.

It's first time Supercute and Black Ninja playing this game. They learn fast. So does Calla Lily. We ended up more then enough players and we need to take turns to play. Haha...

We took many pictures of the game. Winners will have the honour of taking pics with his/her tiles. The ultimate winners are the kids :P

ET is the chef of the night and Calla Lily is the Assistant Chef. It's the first time Calla Lily trying this dish and she just fall in love with it. She is chilli queen indeed.

It's the routine activities after dinner to watch EPL. However, it ended up only Riffle watching. The know.....too busy playing Mahjong.

Snacks :

Delicious pastries were bought by Pebbles. I place the plate of pastries among the mahjong tiles and see what I've taken. I cought somebody red handed trying to steal one of it. Guess who is he/she........yeah yeah....who else.....the little Princess.

Baby Sitting :
Guess who is the one baby sitting the little Princess ? Hahaha......Nice job Riffle.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Erm... could you please post the recipe for ET's laksa? *grin*


Anonymous said...

Haha....Secret Recipe. Want to eat ? You know where to go !!! Kim Tian Regancy !!!

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