Thursday, September 10, 2009

Miss Piggy ???

Miss Piggy is my all time favorite character in Sesame Street. My grandma adore her too especially the way she flick back her silky hair :). But since when I become Miss Piggy ?????.....Hm........actually, I really don't mind. She is a charming lady anyway.

It's one week school holiday in Singapore. Last night my niece and nephew came over to my place to have a computer game session. Imagine all five kids and Narcissus who is taking care of my kids and being a kid herself are all competing among themselves with their facebook games.

After the game and it's almost 11pm ET suggested to have supper in a nearby 24 hours coffee shop for dumpling noodles. The kids were trilled. While walking towards the coffee shop, I told ET that we really look like rooster and hen with 6 chicks. ET says I look more like Miss Piggy.

We ordered delicious noodles, porridge and lime drinks. The young chef after preparing the food finally ask, "Uncle uncle,.....can I ask you something ? have 6 kids ? How can you manage ? So scary !!!! How ????....." Wahaha..........see, my instinct is right, we are rooster and hen with 6 chicks. Our answer to the young man is "Yes, they are all our kids !!!" The kids are all laughing and they too agreed that all are our kids. Suddenly, I have this wonderful and proud feelings that filled my heart. I'm really the hen of the 6 wonderful chicks.

I remember when I was young, my mum and dad too brought 9 kids for a movie (4 children and 5 cousins). Along the way, they collected strange stares and people did ask if they have 9 kids. Well, my mum is too shy to admit. haha.....I'm thick skin. To me, the more the merrier.

Here are the chick chick :

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