Thursday, August 11, 2011

Daniel Kwok my Bro

Bro this blog post is for you :)

Times really fly fly fly. I get to know you I guess in 2007...haha...sorry not sure. You are working with Play (video rental auto machine) and I'm your MOST VALUED client ^^ . Not knowing how to rent, how to register, how to return disc....but thanks for your kind patient and help. In now time, we became friends, close friends and now...bro+sis.

Do you still recall those wonderful moments :

1) Pushing you from MRT to my office to have lunch. I push you over humps with super trouper high speed that you keep yelling. However, you reach my office in one piece. After fixing my computers and had a wonderful sushi lunch, I dumped you in taxi and send you back. Hey, I'm kind to send you back by taxi cos you might fall from your chair if I gave you a F1 pushing speed.

2) Sending me your girl friend's pictures and asking me for my comments....well, sweet. Nope, not my comments nor opinions but all my Best Wishes and Blessings.

3) Meeting my family in Tiong Bahru Plaza and telling my son how he must be a good boy and treat his parents well. Come on old uncle haha.....but thanks for your kindness.

4) As and when I call you commanding you to send me FOC anti virus programmes, songs, links etc have no choice at all but to oblige. You will just make some noises, and say "wow, you think I owe you ah !!!....You Wang Bah Gao leh...." However, you guai guai also must do for me. Yeah yeah yeah...I know you are kind haha...

5) Treating me like your sis and sharing with me your ups and downs.

Not to mention all the wonderful quality you possessed :

1) Never let your immobility pull you back. You are so positive, helpful, cheerful and loving.

2) Despite your own difficulties, you are still helping orphanages in Cambodia, rescued young girls from selling as sex slaves in Thailand, recommending jobs for handicapper and most importantly being great friend to many others like me.

3) Top staff of the year must go to you for sure. You did a much better jobs then many others that has able body.

Bro, what you have taught me :

1) Always be positive despite of difficulties.
2) Never look down on ourselves nor others.
3) To be responsible and go extra miles.
4) To love and to serve.

Bro, you are great. It's my honor to have you as my friend and my bro. I'll never never forget all those wonderful moments and talks we shared.

Bro, can I still talk to you when I miss you ? can I share your stories with others when need be ? Are you watching over me like what you use to be ? Are you happy and in bliss now ?

Bro, I know the answer is positive. I know you will like to see me happy and strong. I know you will watch over those that you love so much. I know cos you are my bro.

Well....sis will not let you down. I'll not cry cos I know you want me smile. I'll smile cos I know you are in good hand of God. I pray to God to watch over you and to be in eternal Peace.


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